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Rainbow Sunbeds: Feel The Glow

Our skin is composed of layers which all serve different purposes. From absorbing nutrients like Vitamin D and providing protection against environmental influences, the skin does a lot of hard work. It’s only fair that you pamper your skin once in a while and we at Plush Tan have sessions tailored for any skin and any age. Give your skin the care it deserves with our top of the line machines and well trained staff.

Why Sunbeds?

The most obvious benefit of a sunbed is in the way it simulates the natural exposure to sunlight in a controlled environment. This process creates a healthy tan which can boost confidence and greatly improve your mood.

Some countries and regions across the world may suffer from climates which make it impossible to get the tan they want. Dubai may be perfect for this with hot sunny summers but the heat isn’t always fair. The Dubai heat can reach up to 45 degrees at the peak of summer, not so ideal when you want just a simple tan.

Apart from just simple cosmetic purposes, sunbeds are able to provide several health benefits which are essential in keeping the largest organ in your body safe from any disease or health issues.

One of these health benefits is Vitamin D. Exposure to UV light in safe doses helps the body in creating and absorbing Vitamin D much easier. This sunshine vitamin plays an important role in the body both at a baseline and cellular level. From maintaining bone density, to regulating insulin levels and even preventing the spread of cancer cells, our sunbed sessions at Plush Tan are more than equipped in providing these benefits to any and all that are willing.

Minimising Risks

As with most things, sunbed and sun tanning in excess can cause numerous issues. Luckily, we at Plush Tan curate specifically tailored sessions for you and your skin that ensures we don’t go overboard. Here are some tips to ensure that you gain all the benefits of a good tan without the risks

  • Consult a doctor before your first session, we understand that not all skin is suitable for a tan and we do provide services for each and every skin type we can. Consulting a dermatologist is still essential and helps us understand what we need to accommodate you and your skin.
  • Make sure you are not overexposing to direct sunlight. The combination of your treatment and a dose of direct sunlight right after may cause problems. It’s best to ensure that your exposure to sunlight is limited as soon as you step out of the salon

Rainbow Revolution

The newest innovation in sunbed technology harnesses the power of four different colour spectrums. This helps provide that perfect tan you strive for alongside relaxed, healthy skin and a fresh, flawless complexion.

The colours in question all have different effects. Let’s run through them.

  • Blue

The Energy Light. The blue hues of the rainbow sunbed have antiseptic properties. This helps regenerate and revitalise the skin noticeable with each session. Exposure to blue light in our megaSun rainbow sunbeds strengthens and reinforces the immune system, encouraging the mind and body, revitalising them and leaving the skin feeling stronger.

  • Red

The Beauty Light. The longer wavelengths of redder hues help it penetrate deep into the skin. This, in turn, stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin which are necessary for healthy and smoother looking skin. The tightening of these contours help give off a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The energy from the light emitted by the sunbed also intensifies the tanning process, increasing the degree of golden perfection with each session.

  • Green

The Wellness Light. Relieve the stress of everyday life with this calming natural colour. Green hues are widely known to relax and allow your body to regenerate itself a bit more rapidly. Your skin especially, can benefit a lot from this as relaxation is often hard to come by for all the tough work that your skin goes through on a day to day basis.

  • Yellow

The Sunshine Light. Another colour that represents natural emotions. Yellow light is said to lift up spirits and promote the formation of Vitamin D which is essential in your body’s everlasting fight against diseases and health issues whether physical or not. The sun-like hues of the yellow light also help promote relaxation through thoughts of joy.




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