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Rainbow Sunbeds: Feel The Glow

Our skin comprises various layers, each serving distinct purposes, from absorbing nutrients such as Vitamin D to protecting against environmental factors. Given the significant role our skin plays, it deserves occasional pampering. At Plush Tan, we offer tailored UV Tanning and Spray Tan sessions suitable for all skin types and ages, ensuring your skin receives the care it deserves through our state-of-the-art machines and well-trained team.

Why Choose Sunbeds? 

A sunbed’s primary advantage is simulating natural sunlight exposure in a controlled environment. This process produces a healthy tan, boosting confidence and mood, and addresses challenges faced by regions with unfavorable climates. 

Beyond cosmetic benefits, sunbeds contribute to overall health, notably through the facilitation of Vitamin D absorption. This vitamin is believed to be essential for maintaining bone density, regulating insulin levels, and potentially preventing the spread of cancer cells.

Ensuring Safety

While sunbeds offer numerous benefits, excessive use can pose risks. Plush Tan mitigates these risks by customizing sessions for individual needs. To maximize the benefits of a tan without compromising safety, consider these tips:

Consult a doctor before your first session to ensure compatibility with your skin type.

Avoid overexposure to direct sunlight immediately after treatment to prevent complications.

Rainbow Revolution

Our latest sunbed technology combines four distinct color spectrums, offering the perfect tan alongside rejuvenated, healthy skin and a flawless complexion.

Blue – The Energy Light

Possessing antiseptic properties, blue light revitalizes the skin and strengthens the immune system, promoting overall well-being.

Red – The Beauty Light

With longer wavelengths, red light stimulates collagen and elastin production, enhancing skin health and appearance while intensifying the tanning process.

Green – The Wellness Light

Known for its calming effects, green light helps relax the body, aiding in rapid regeneration and relieving the daily stress endured by the skin.

Yellow – The Sunshine Light

Yellow light promotes Vitamin D formation, which is crucial in the body’s fight against diseases. Its sun-like hues uplift spirits and induce relaxation.

At Plush Tan, we strive to offer innovative and safe tanning experiences, ensuring your skin receives the care it needs for a radiant and healthy glow.

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