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Tan salon near me A common question that customers frequently ask is not satisfied by the quality of salons or the packages they are offering. Everyone in the neighborhood wants to obtain a bronze appearance these days!

The market is teeming with fantastic and dreadful items that might help you get a sun-kissed appearance! Spray tanning is a popular fad that appeals to everyone.

In Dubai, if you question any spray tanning fan about the best tanning salon near me, they will mostly come up with the phrase that ‘Plush tanning salon is the best tanning salon near me“.

Over-Rated Salons

Don’t trap yourself in a promise that cannot be fulfilled. Many tanning salons are being operated in Dubai from where you can get tanning, but the standard of their services is not up to the mark. Either they lack service, or the staff is not cooperating enough in many cases. If you are also asking what is the “best tanning salon near me“, look no further. Plush tanning salon Dubai is always available to you. With the state-of-the-art services and professional staff, we bring you the best in every possible manner.

Perks of Having Spray Tans

Plush tanning Salon Dubai offers visible advantages over our competitors, which concludes;

  • Spray Tan Lasts

It depends, but it might be anywhere between five and twelve days. Because you’re (ideally) cleaning your face and hands more regularly, they’ll last even less time.

Several products and tactics are available to help your tan lasts as long as possible. “Take mild showers, nothing too hot, with a pH balanced body wash, and pat dry when you’re done,” says the doctor. “Keep skin moisturized both on the outside and on the inside!”

  • You get to do a lot more care of yourself

Before your spray tan, make sure to book all other spa services, such as facials, massages, waxing, and Mani/Pedi. If you wish to shave, do so ahead of time, but not shortly before. 

We recommend shaving early in the day and washing with ice-cold water to block your pores, preventing tan from becoming trapped and appearing as small brown spots. We also recommend using new razor blades to prevent your tan from fading unevenly.

  • NO Exposure to UV Radiations (Thank God)

The most crucial advantage of spray tans is this. Spray tanning allows you to get the appearance you desire without jeopardizing your health. No sun exposure means no skin damage from UV radiation, which means a decreased chance of melanoma.

  • Immediate Results

You don’t have to spend hours in the sun to acquire that sun-kissed appearance with spray tanning. It will only take around 10 to 20 minutes to acquire the desired results, which is ideal if you have a hectic schedule.

  • Streak-Free Protection

Unlike tanning creams, a spray tan does not leave you sticky and untidy. You’ll also obtain a more even tan because an experienced expert performs the technique in a salon. This ensures that your bronzed look is as natural as possible.

  • The self-belief that suits you 

A spray tan may boost your self-esteem significantly. Many women (and men!) claim that getting a spray tan makes them feel smaller, more beautiful, and more secure in their overall body image. Which can only be a good thing!

You’ll feel more toned and slimmer. Almost two-thirds of those who had a spray tan at the skin clinic in Drouin claimed that not only did it give them a more toned appearance, but it also gave them the impression that they had a smaller figure than previously. You may acquire a spray tan that caters to your body’s demands thanks to the growth of skin tanning solutions and various products that have grown so much in recent years.

  • Maintain Your Body’s Nutrition

If you want to have a great skin tone, you should realize how important it is to maintain your body hydrated and nourished at all times. Surprisingly, there are moisturizing spray tan products that will help you get a decent skin tone and nourish your skin.

Spray Tan Dubai 

 Motor City, Barsha Heights, Palm Jumeirah, DIFC, Dubai Silicon Osais, and Jumeirah Village Circle. Mark these locations as they are the new favorite and epitome of Spray tan Dubai as Plush tanning salon Dubai operates at these branches. 

So, if anyone asks you, ‘which is the best tanning salon near me,” you hand over these addresses with confidence as our team will not let you down for recommending us at any given moment.

With almost all the different tanning techniques, Plush tanning salon leads its counterparts in every possible way. 


What are you waiting for if you want bronze-coloured skin? 


Aside from the benefits of a spray tan, you may have the tanned skin tone of your choosing, and the results are certain to be spectacular. It is the greatest option for achieving a natural tan. 

Spray tanning is the most convenient, safest, and customizable method of tanning. As our objective and mission at Plush Tanning Salon Dubai, we have dedicated ourselves to your complete happiness and enjoyment.

We wish you the best of luck with your tanned skin! Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. 

Would you please let us know if there is anything we have missed? 

And, if you have any questions or recommendations, please let us know.



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