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MegaSun P9S: Achieve the Perfect UV Tan

Getting that beautiful sun-kissed glow is a goal for many, and it’s now made easier with the help of the megaSun P9S tanning bed that promises a luxurious and efficient tanning experience. The megaSun P9S blends the expertise of KBL and the innovative design prowess of Studio F. A. Porsche. This cutting-edge sunbed stands as proof of the advanced UV Tan technology used for tanning. This revolutionary solarium has redefined the tanning experience, particularly for the face and décolleté, setting a new standard in the industry.

The MegaSun P9S

Traditional UV-systems often leave tanners with unwanted heat, courtesy of infra-red radiation, leading to reddened and tender skin after tanning. The megaSun P9S eradicates this issue with its groundbreaking LED-based SunSphere system. This intelligent system selectively employs the desired wavelengths for tanning, avoiding the discomfort caused by infra-red radiation. The result? A tanning experience that’s not only effective but also comfortable and rejuvenating.

The SunSphere system introduces a trio of light sources to perfect the tanning process:

  • Blue UVA LEDs

These 140 blue UVA LEDs work in harmony to deliver direct pigmentation, ensuring a radiant and even tan. Say goodbye to uneven tan lines and hello to a consistent, golden glow.

  • Red Beauty LEDs

The 56 red Beauty LEDs integrated into the system do more than enhance your tan; they also provide skincare while you tan. Stimulating oxygen supply in the skin, these LEDs contribute to a beautiful complexion and silky-smooth skin.

  • Yellow UVB Special Lamps

A dose of vitamin D and color pigments are built up by the inclusion of three yellow UVB special lamps. This holistic approach ensures both the beauty and health of your skin during the tanning process.

The MegaSun P9S Experience

Designed in collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the megaSun P9S’ SunSphere system extends beyond the face and décolleté, as it covers the shoulders and legs for a complete and uniform tan. The aspherical glass lenses employed in the shoulder and leg tanning areas ensure an even complexion and optimal results. As you indulge in this cutting-edge tanning experience, an integrated sound system and voice assistant add a touch of luxury.

The megaSun P9S places control in the hands of the salon tanner through its Intelligent Control System. A user-friendly touch display guides tanners in selecting their personal preferences, ensuring a tailored tanning experience. Moreover, the system includes maintenance and service settings, enabling Plush Tan’s studio operators to maintain peak performance. 

Get a Relaxing UV Tanning Session

Tanning isn’t just about achieving a sun-kissed look; it’s about relaxation and indulgence. The megaSun P9S has considered this aspect thoroughly. An air conditioning system ensures an optimal climate during tanning. Aqua Cool, with its revitalizing water mist, elevates the experience to new heights. Infused aromas add another layer of luxury, soothing the senses and enhancing relaxation. The megaSun P9S embraces modern convenience with wireless charging for compatible smartphones. Simply place your device on the designated icon, and the tanning session becomes an opportunity to charge, all without the hassle of cables. The Bluetooth functionality of the sunbed further enhances the experience, ensuring that you remain connected and entertained throughout your session. The megaSun P9S caters to individual preferences with four distinct variations:

  • HybridSun Sunbed

A versatile option that combines various UV spectrums to deliver a personalized tanning experience

  • ExtraSun Sunbed

For those who desire an extra dose of sun, this option offers a higher intensity of UV rays

  • SmartSun Sunbed

This intelligent option adapts the tanning process based on your skin’s needs, optimizing results and minimizing risks

  • BeautySun Sunbed

Focused on enhancing skin’s beauty, this option offers both skincare and tanning benefits in one

Ready to Tan in the MegaSun P9S?

MegaSun P9S isn’t just a tanning solution, it’s an amazing technological innovation that combines cutting-edge UV technology with stunning design. It lets you achieve that sun-kissed glow without the unwanted heat, it gives you a moment of relaxation and indulgence, and a promise of unmatched tanning results. With the megaSun P9S, achieving the perfect UV tan has been redefined and elevated to an extraordinary experience. Ready to tan in the megaSun P9S? Visit Plush Tan for your tanning session today.



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