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At PLUSH TAN, we are proud of our long standing reputation as Dubai’s leading indoor tanning and spray tan salon. For over 20 years, the owners and staff of PLUSH TAN have worked hard to educate themselves and our clients on the latest tanning trends and industry so all of our clients can feel confident in knowing they will have a safe and enjoyable tanning and spray tan experience.


Our unique “Platinum, VIP and Plush” tanning programs provides a lifetime memberships at PLUSH TAN salons. Unlike the others, we do not auto debit or put expiration date on your account. We give you possibility to split your payments and share your account with family members or friends. We don’t believe in high pressure tactics. Single sessions, Weekly, Monthly, even Yearly packages are available. Basically, YOU run the show!!!


PLUSH TAN is committed providing exceptional service at a reasonable price. We invite You to see yourself what sets us apart from all other tanning and spray tan salons. Please stop by for a short tour, pick up a pricing guide and make an intelligent decision.


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