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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Things to do before UV Tanning?

Spray tan solutions do not contain any sort of SPF or sun-blocking properties, it is still recommended to have sunblock on hand when going outside.

The splash tanning fluid contains a fixing called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). This compound responds with amino acids in your skin and oxygen in the air, leaving your skin a more obscure shade. This response happens contrastingly relying upon your complexion. Our specialists will have a scope of shadings to suit each client.

It is best to avoid chlorinated water while the spray tan is still fresh and new on your skin as this can cause colours to fade faster, additionally, cutting down on the amount of shaving to a minimum is important as this exfoliates the skin. The best time to start normal skincare routines is after the tanning starts to fade naturally.

Spray tans are frequently asked if they are harmful to your health. Spray tanning is the quickest and most convenient way to get a healthy, bronzed glow without the hazards of sun exposure. It is absolutely safe and removes the risks associated with UVB radiation and sunbeds. Please keep in mind that the tanning product has no SPF and hence will not protect you from the sun.

We don’t advocate wearing makeup just after your spray tan. Makeup containing moisture, particularly foundations and other lotions, might cause your tan to splotch or leave an uneven finish. You can resume wearing makeup after you’ve showered and your tan has formed.

This is determined by the tanning solution used. Spray tans, on the other hand, can last up to 8-10 days with proper tan care. Depending on how often you shower and swim, this length may be adjusted.



Anyone who isn’t aware of the in-depth information about beauty and fashion lines or fields may find spray tan a bit intimidating. Those who didn't go to a good tanning salon or tried to do it by themselves without any experience might even have some horror stories to share.

Since spray tanning is the game of professionals, it's recommended to not try to be an expert on the first attempt, else it will leave that orangey hue nobody likes. Instead, always ensure you’re consulting a professional in the field to assist you.

Spray tan Dubai is among the top searches in the world of tanning, and so here we will learn all about spray tanning, how different it is from UV tanning, should you consider it instead of a direct sunbath and some of the top spray tanning machines we use at Plush Tan!

Is Spray Tanning Different From Indoor UV Tanning?

Instead of risking your health by getting an indoor tan or lying out in the sun, spray tanning is a safe and natural-looking way to get that golden brown color of tanned skin without spending all day baking in the sun.

However, you should remember that preparing for spray tanning involves more commitment than just stepping inside a booth and pressing a button. First, you need to prime your skin by exfoliating it before each spray tan session, plus being more careful afterward so that you don't get the color off where you don't want it.

Spray tanning uses a spray mist to apply the tanning solution, while indoor UV tanning uses UV lights. The principle behind spray tanning is the same as indoor bed tans, except it doesn't expose you to UV light. The products used in a spray tan contain either DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid), which reacts with your skin cells to produce a darker color, like what happens when you eat something with food coloring.

Next time you're at the beach and your skin is kissed golden by the sun, consider the option of spray tan instead of a suntan as it is much safer to create that natural bronze glow. Also, spray tans are applied by hand and require more work since properly prepare your skin before application.

Why Spray Tanning Instead of Direct Sunbathing?

It is not hidden how dangerous sunrays can be to your skin, causing sunburns, sun rashes, and extreme irritation. Rather than damaging your skin with direct sunlight, a good and safer alternative is spray tanning.

The spray tanning process uses a solution similar to your skin's natural pigment to darken your skin in the same way a suntan would. While the sun's direct UV rays are the leading cause of aging signs, wrinkles, leathery skin, sunspots, and discolorations, a spray tan gives you the perfect golden glow without exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays found in direct sunlight.

Spray tans are created from a fine mist/spray of dihydroxyacetone (also known as DHA). DHA is a colorless sugar that reacts with the proteins on the surface of your skin to produce a golden brown color. And thus, a spray tan can give you the golden, healthy-looking skin you want without requiring the dangerous UV exposure it usually takes to achieve that color.

Is Spray Tanning Safe?

Also, a popular question regarding the safety of spray tanning is: if the sun can cause skin cancer, why spray tanning? The answer is simple: It's not the effect of tanning that causes cancer – it's the cause. Tanned skin isn't dangerous to your health – neither is the occasional use of a tanning bed or spray tan.

On the other hand, frequent sunbathing and excessive unprotected exposure are among the leading causes of skin cancer and premature skin aging. Sunbathing also dries out your skin and can cause discoloration. Hence, spraying tans with a DHA solution allows for a safe and natural tan.

Also, getting a perfect, glowing tan shown by most celebrities is easier with a spray tan machine. Since tanning can be a challenge for some people because exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and premature aging, spray tanning offers a sunless option to avoid these risks and provide the glowing, bronzed look that we desire without the sun's harsh ultraviolet rays.

Lastly, it is also important to note that spray tanning does not offer protection from the sun; it simply provides an alternative. To say, you would still need to wear sunscreen as spray tanning doesn’t protect you against direct sun rays.

Spray Tanning VS UV Tanning Beds

Indoor UV tanning and spray tanning are the two most popular tanning methods throughout the globe. However, often when the tan salons are discussed, the difference between the two is often ignored.

The answer is simple: UV tanning offers a lasting bronze skin, while spray tanning has a limited life. What's exciting is that both UV tanning and spray tanning give you the option to get a tan as per your schedule. Want a golden hue that lasts almost forever? Your best choice would be tanning beds! While those in hurry wanting a tan for a week or two would find spray tanning most suitable to their needs.

Also, UV tanning is more like a replica to direct sunbathing. It's because the sunbeds are exposing your skin to UV sun rays which will give you nearly the same color result as if you have taken a sunbath!

So, next time you visit Plush Tan, you are more than welcome to consult your tan choices, or just go with the flow to decide whether you want a tan for a longer time, or would you want your natural skin color back in a month or two!

Spray Tanning Machines

Now, let’s learn about different spray tanning and how they give you the perfect, golden tan. One of the most significant new advancements in tanning technology is the automatic spray tan machine. It's a smaller version of the booth you find at a salon. They help take all of the guesswork out of it to allow for an even and perfect tan every time you use it.

In other words, spray tanning machines are state-of-the-art in sunless spray tanning equipment. Reliable, quiet, and efficient, you can control the flow of product and heat level as needed for each client. Also, professional spray tan booths protect you from overspray and result in a flawless, smooth finish.

The following are the most popular and efficient spray tanning machines, the same you’ll find on your visit to Plush Tan as well!

1) MegaSun Tower PureEnergy 5.0

The Megan Tower PureEnergy (5.0) is a spray-on tanning machine that helps salons increase their business by turning every client into a VIP. The high-end technology provides a gradually built, even, natural tanning result every session. The flawless airbrush finish makes your skin look wholly natural and radiant while offering defined contours and long-lasting color throughout the year.

All in all, the Megasun Tower pure energy 5.0 Sunbed is the flagship model of a new range which has evolved from over 30 years of experience and development. Engineered around exclusive and innovative technologies, this ergonomically designed spray booth features revolutionary features that combine ease of use and high-end performance with a unique design that is sure to complement your salon.

2) MegaSun T200 PureEnergy

By combining the classic MegaSun features with cutting-edge technology, MegaSun T200 PureEnergy is a new way of tanning with our T200 PureEnergy vertical solarium. Promising less space without compromising the quality of your tan, it offers a flawless golden shade just like a bed tan, with an easy-to-use control panel that is simple and intuitive!

What else? the vibratory plate system allows you to experience the benefits of a professional airbrush tan in comfort. This revolutionary system penetrates deep into the skin, releases melanin, and stimulates new protein production, creating a more even-toned, firm, and hydrated skin. This results in beautiful golden, streak-free tans that are always perfect.

How Do You Prepare for a Spray Tan?

When it comes to nailing the appearance and remaining in charge of your spray tan, preparation is essential, just like it is with a conventional self-tanning session. You can start by exfoliating your skin with a hot shower or bath as it assists in eliminating any dry skin, resulting in a great canvas for an even tan.

Use Soap in the Shower After a Spray Tan

After a spray tan, wear loose-fitting clothes. Shower and use soap six to eight hours later, depending on the proportion of DHA utilized. Rinse your whole body and sponge away any dripping water after washing with it. This will prevent those unpleasant runs away from your legs and back.

How to Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer?

Don't be alarmed if you appear a little darker than you planned after your spray tan. Over many hours, the spray tan solution and guide color continue to develop. They will, however, wash away after your first shower, displaying your beautiful tan.

Moisturize regularly to guarantee your professional spray tan lasts. You should use a lotion that improves your tan for a longer-lasting glow, such as Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk.

Plush Tan Dubai

Like any other healthcare and cosmetics product, body tans have different ways like direct sunbathing, indoor UV tanning, and spray tanning. While the first can lead to skin issues, the latter two are done by professionals ensuring your skin is protected and pampered!

Furthermore, after you get out of the shower, apply your preferred body lotion to your skin. Pay particular care to your hands, feet, elbows, and knees since these are the places where the spray tan solution may stick. Also, shower a few hours before your spray tan session to allow your pores to shut. Avoid using deodorant as well..

A spray tan can last up to five days on lighter skin tones, 7-8 days on medium skin tones, and up to 10 days on deeper skin tones. If you’re looking for the best tan salon near me, Plush Tan offers professionals with great experience in the field!

You are welcome to visit Plush Tan in the following areas:

Barsha Heights: Plush Tan salon in Barsha Heights made its advent in 2016, and since then, we stand proud with our long list of happy, tanned customers! Want to look bronzed and beautiful all the time? Plush Tan has the best to offer you!

Motor City: While our tanning services are always loved, Plush Tan in Motor City is known for its other phenomenal services, including lash extension and brow lamination in Dubai! Tell us your favorite picks, or let our skilled makeup artists choose the best befitting lash extensions from a long list of various volumes!

DIFC: Whether you're looking for a quick spray tan to spruce up your look for a special occasion or you want something that will last all year round, Plush Tan in DIFC has everything ready for you! Book your appointment now to get the tanned skin you always aspired for!

Palm Jumeirah: Your tan needs to be worth more than a sunburn, and at Plush Tan in Palm Jumeirah, we make sure you are getting the quality you invested in! With our experienced staff and high-quality equipment, getting that perfect bronze glow is as easy as pie!

Want to know more about Plush Tan? Book your appointment at for a UV tanning, spray tanning, or other beauty services. Plush Tan remains open all days from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Just dial 8OOPLUSH or contact at, and we will be happy to help you! Also find us at FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditIssuuQuoraPexelTrip AdvisorUnplashInstagramLinkedInTedVimeoAbout 

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