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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Visit any of our salons and avail our spray tanning services.
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Our tanning salon staff each have different and distinct styles and prices for their offered services. Take a peek at the team page, contact us through our socials or call to get an idea of the faces and people who would best suit your indoor tanning experience.

Things to do before UV Tanning?

While some people choose to wear a swimsuit or minimal clothing, the privacy of indoor tanning salons does allow for nude tanning in order to avoid streaks and tan lines. Skin that has not been exposed to UV light before is more sensitive and as such tans more slowly.

Building up a tan from our UV tanning sessions can cause tans to last for almost a lifetime. What’s important is to maintain that tan through considerate and consistent sessions. Leaving a gap of anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks between tanning sessions is recommended.

Building up a tan from our UV tanning sessions can cause tans to last for almost a lifetime. What’s important is to maintain that tan through considerate and consistent sessions. Leaving a gap of anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks between tanning sessions is recommended.

The best time frame to shower after spray tanning is at least 5 to 8 hours. It is also important to avoid any swimming or sweating as well as moisturising products and exfoliation before the first shower to prevent any uneven streaks.

Avoid scented lotions, astringents, acidic cleaning solutions, and peroxides as any harsh chemicals can wear away the tan much more quickly. After the first shower, it is important to persistently moisturise with natural-fragrance free lotions.

Ask your technician before getting into a session to check your skin type. Some skins are more sensitive to UV rays than others.

UV Tan Dubai

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UV Tanning

We all love tanning - the process of getting our skins exposed to the sun to get the perfect bronze shade all over the body. It's pretty exciting how sitting in the sun can change the body's hue, yet, at the same time, it can also cause skin irritation, sunburns, and rashes.

The good thing is that now you don't have to tan your skin with the traditional method, as indoor UV tanning offers a convenient approach to all those worrying about sunburns and skin cancers!

So, stick till the end to explore all about UV tanning, why it's a better approach than direct sunbathing, and popular indoor UV machines. Also, if you're searching for sunbeds near me, now is the perfect time to visit Plush Tan - a reliable, renowned, and safe indoor tanning salon in Dubai!

What is Indoor UV tanning?


When the UVA rays from the sun reach the epidermis - the outermost layer of the skin - they penetrate deep to stimulate the melanocytes. These cells are responsible for creating melanin which is skin pigment. The more melanin produced, the darker the skin will be. Also, spending more time sitting in the sun will cause these cells to move closer to the epidermis resulting in a darker hue on your outer skin. Indoor tanning is different from direct tanning as it includes applying a cosmetic tan using a device that emits UV rays. These UV rays then trigger melanin production and give the skin the desired tanning look.

A horizontal tanning bed and various tanning machines are popular devices in this regard found in tan salons, gyms, spas, hotels, and sporting facilities, and less frequently in private households. We at Plush Tan take pride in our excellent, safe, long-lasting indoor UV tanning while respecting your privacy simultaneously!

Why Indoor UV Tanning Instead of Direct Sunbathing?

Here are some of the many reasons indoor tanning is popularly replacing direct sunbathing worldwide.

1) Indoor UV Tanning Saves Time

A maximum of fifteen minutes per day for a few weeks is recommended to sit in the sun to get an even tan. However, not everyone has access to the sun because of time and place constraints. You may be working all day and get free only on weekends; in such a case, direct tanning won't be a healthy option given the uneven tanning it can provide to your body.

An indoor tanning salon provides relief to those always walking with piles of workload while wishing for a tanned body. You can visit any of our Plush Tan salons to give your body the perfect bronze it's missing while staying rest assured the professional staff will take its enough care!

2) Indoor UV Tanning is Safer

Another point to consider is that there is no specific limit to how safe sun exposure is. You may never know when a sunbath becomes too much for your skin to bear, resulting in sun or heat rashes, sunburns, blisters, and even skin cancer.

Also, most people believe that a slight reddish or pinkish hue on the skin means adequate sun exposure. But is that true? NO, because a red tint on the skin means a sunburn and a reaction of too many UV rays entering your body and burning it.

Contrary to that, indoor tanning is a decent alternative to secure your skin from the limitless dangers of the sun. Indoor tanning focuses most on controlling variables that can otherwise endanger the skin, such as light exposure.
Since direct sun exposure can contribute to sunburns and over tanning, salons use special equipment to ensure the skin remains safe from itching, burning, or uneven tanning.

3) Indoor UV Tanning Lasts Longer

Lastly, a direct suntan is prone to fade over time with an estimate of 7-10 days as the outer layer of the skin exfoliates itself. Conversely, indoor UV tanning lasts longer than natural tanning, for all you have to do is maintain your UV tan after a base coating is finished. The surprising thing is that the UV tanning sessions can last almost a lifetime, saving you from the hectic of taking out time from a busy life to take a riskier sunbath.

UV Tanning Equipment

Now you know why a tanning bed should be your top choice to get a tan. Let's learn about various indoor UV tanning machines and how they can give you the best bronze body tan!

i) P9 Series

Introducing the P9-X, the most advanced hybrid tanning bed available. Combining high pressure and low-pressure technology, this machine will provide you with a perfectly balanced, incredible tan. The P9-X offers many new features, such as wireless phone charging and a sophisticated LED system called 'Matrix.' .

Feel pampered with our very own Aqua Cool feature, designed to cool your body throughout your session by cooling the internal temperature of the tanning bed. To complement this, we at Plush Tan have installed an automatic air conditioning system that provides a pleasant yet refreshing breeze for ultimate comfort during your tanning experience.

ii) MegaSun 7900 Alpha IntelliSun

The MegaSun 7900 alpha has a modern and impressive look with its aluminum body, integrated sound system, and intelligent tanning system.

The sunbed fulfills even customers' highest demands and wishes due to its tanning system - IntelliSun. This system allows the tanner to take total control of their session, including time control, lamp categorization, and automatic adjustments to get the safest and best tanning possible. The 7900 Alpha also makes full use of specialized stereo sound systems and hot air extraction methods for an enhanced experience - no wonder clients love their tanning experience at Plush Tan so much!

iii) Ergoline Prestige 1200-S

The Prestige 1200 is a new generation of machines from the Ergoline Performance Series and features a total of 44 lamps with 1,200 Watts - the most powerful home model in the lineup. Its intelligent electronic performance control delivers a powerful tanning experience while optimizing the lamp's efficiency and lifespan. .

In addition, the Prestige series features cutting-edge technology paired with modern design, earning it a special spot in the Ergoline world. This high-performing vertical tanning unit provides an even, all-over suntan for outstanding results. A diverse range of models satisfies every tanner's individual needs at Plush Tan, thanks to the Ergoline Prestige 1200-S higher efficiency.

iv) Ergoline Prestige 1100-S

With 52 sturdy UV lamps and the fantastic new Comfort Cooling system at the head and foot of the bench, this state-of-the-art sunbed is the perfect choice for any tan salon wishing to offer the ultimate tanning technology and comfort.

The new 3D Sound System immerses your tanning session in perfect sound, while the MP3 dock and SD card slot let you set the music to your individual taste. The intuitive cockpit control with its symbols and Voice Guide and full-text control add to the sunbed comfort features. At the same time, Ergoline's new Optimized Performance technology gives you an even more luscious tan..

v) MegaSun 4800 Tanning Machine

The MegaSun 4800 is the top product within the range of Essential wellness solariums and one of the favorite tanning machines at Plush Tan. With its effective facial tanning system, additional sound system, and Easy Control, this solarium offers a unique experience in the luxury class.

Simply put, you can enter a warm world of sunlight and enjoy your private dose of sunshine with the MegaSun 4800 Tanning Machine. This sunbed intensifies natural tanning to get you that summer glow all year round with a strong focus on Vitamin D. You will get a feel-good tan no matter the season, thanks to the voice guide, sound system, and facial tanner.

vi) MegaSun 6800 Alpha Hurricane

The MegaSun 6800 alpha hurricane is a one-of-a-kind in the world of sunbeds. Its unique patented and twisted form maximizes the performance of the 6800 alpha hurricane by combining the four most essential wavelengths of sunlight in only one tube for the very first time. This includes

UVA to reach a natural, intensive, and beautiful tan
UVB for the melanin production and Vitamin D,
Blue light for glowy, clear, and blemish-free skin
Red collagen light to reach a revitalizing and soothing effect for your skin.

What is more exciting is the long-lasting tanning effect it produces. The melanin pigment stirs in the skin when UVA radiation reaches it and transports it to the upper skin layer, where it can be deposited. The tan achieved through this process is intensive, long-lasting, and very attractive to the eyes.

vii)How Many Sessions Are Required For UV Tanning?

Usually, the skin gets its desired, noticeable tan after a few sunbed tanning sessions. At Plush Tan, we recommend you to maintain your tan through multiple sessions to keep up with the golden hue..

It may take a few additional tanning sessions for those with lighter skin to achieve a deeper tan. It is better to take a gap of 1-2 weeks before having another tanning session for the skin to skin's melanin to oxidize and produce the required tanning shade properly..

viii)Indoor UV Tanning Tips

Before Getting a Tanning Session

Before you get started with indoor UV tanning, there are things that you should do to prepare your skin so that your tan will last longer and look better.

Preparing your skin for tanning includes showering the day before visiting the tan salon. It will open up your skin pores, washing away dirt and debris, leaving you with clean skin.
Also, shaving and exfoliating before a tanning session is recommended. It removes the dead skin cells making the skin further clean. Healthy, clean skin will help boost melanin production, and you'll end up with a better bronze shade.
Skin hydration is another important point as healthy skin will have a better tanning color. At Plush Tan, we recommend you drink plenty of water before an upcoming tanning session. Also, make sure you are feeding your skin with a non-comedogenic moisturizer to avoid any pore blockage, disturbing the melanin production in the skin.
Clients on medication should first consult their healthcare provider to ensure their medicine intake is free of any ingredient that can cause insensitivity to their skin after exposure to UV rays.
Chemicals aren't your best friend when planning on visiting a tanning salon. As UV rays penetrate deep into the skin, perfumes, essential oils, and even deodorant can obstruct the rays from entering your body.

After Getting a Tanning Session

After a tanning session, keep up with the following steps to maintain a better bronze glow:
Do not take a shower for at least 5-8 hours. Let the bronzer oxidize and develop its true color for some time.
Shaving or exfoliating is highly dangerous after a tanning session as it can remove/disturb all the top-layered melanin cells generated during the tanning session.
Do not use any chemicals on your skin; after a shower, make sure you're using a fragrance-free lotion/moisturizer.
Though it requires multiple tanning sessions to maintain your bronze glow, you can further double the effect by protecting your skin against scented lotions, astringents, harsh chemicals, acidic cleaning solutions, and peroxides. When they come in contact with the skin, these chemicals can erode the melanin cells, causing the tan to fade quickly.

About Plush Tan

Indoor UV tanning is exciting and exhilarating, and if you're looking for a tan salon near me, Plush Tan, Dubai, is the best place to book your appointment. Offering services at four different locations in Dubai - Motor City, Dubai International Financial Centre, Barsha Heights, and Palm Jumeirah - Plush tan is all about comfort, safety, and professionalism!

Other than offering UV tanning and spray tanning, you are also welcome to avail of a wide range of other beauty services at Plush tan: eyelash tinting, brow tinting, brow shaping, brow lamination, extension removal, and more!

Visit now to book your indoor tanning session or other beauty services. We are open 24/7 from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM to help you get the best looks. Call at 8OOPLUSH or get in touch at, and we will be happy to assist you! Also find us at FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditIssuuQuoraPexelTrip AdvisorUnplashInstagram, VimeoAbout Me

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