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Tanning in the MegaSun K7S

UV Tan is a great way to achieve that sun-kissed glow and boost your confidence. With cutting-edge tanning technology like the megaSun K7S, achieving a beautiful UV Tan has never been easier. With the megaSun K7S, you will experience a new level of luxury and technology in the world of indoor tanning. This sunbed’s captivating aesthetics and cutting-edge features redefine the whole tanning experience for you. 

The MegaSun K7S

The megaSun K7S is a part of the K series by KBL. This sunbed is a mix of captivating design and state-of-the-art technology that was created by the talented designer Etienne Salomé, renowned for his work with Bugatti Automobiles. This sunbed is not just about tanning; it’s about embracing elegance, sharpness, and endless possibilities with your beautiful tan. 

Elevate Your Tanning Session with Cutting-edge Technology

One of the standout features of the megaSun K7S is the SunSphere technology, which enhances the tanning process through carefully calibrated spectral combinations. This technology ensures that your face and décolleté receive an even tan, thanks to aspherical glass lenses that distribute the light perfectly.

  • Infinity Mirror

The premium version of the megaSun K7S has an “Infinity Mirror” design. 

  • LightArt Panel

The acrylic or banner design of the “LightArt Panel” adds a touch of personalization to each tanning session.

  • BeautyBooster Pro

The K series sets new skincare standards with over 2,000 red beauty LEDs that care for your face and décolleté during tanning. These LEDs stimulate oxygen supply, resulting in a beautiful complexion and velvety-soft skin feeling.

  • AirBreeze Technology

Experience unparalleled ventilation with AirBreeze Face and AirBreeze Body. Adjustable air streams keep you cool and comfortable throughout your tanning session.

  • SmartControl Displays

The megaSun K7S boasts a 10″ SmartControl display outside the bed for convenient settings, and a 7″ SmartControl display inside the bed for intuitive parameter adjustments during tanning.

  • 3D Soundbar

Indulge your senses with spatial sound, complete with crystal clear highs, powerful mids, and rich bass. You can even play your own music via Bluetooth.

  • SunSphere Facials and PureFacials

These advanced facial tanners ensure an even and comfortable tanning experience for your face and décolleté.

  • Wireless Charging and Bluetooth Connectivity

Stay connected and entertained while you tan with wireless charging for your smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity for your personalized playlist.

  • Air Condition and Aqua Cool

Experience a pleasant cooling sensation with the high-performance air conditioner and revitalizing water mist from special jets.

  • Sunsphere Shoulders

Achieve a flawless tan in the hard to reach areas of your shoulders with two advanced LED shoulder tanners.

The megaSun K7S has four options for you:


The perfect blend of various technologies to create a balanced and efficient tanning experience. It gives you:

  • 10/10 | Instant tanning results 
  • 9/10 | Pigment build up
  • 8/10 | Skin care factor
  • 9/10 | Vitamin D production


A combination of intelligent features that adapt to your skin’s needs, ensuring a tailored and comfortable tanning session. It gives you:

  • 9/10 | Instant tanning results 
  • 9/10 | Pigment build up
  • 9/10 | Skin care factor
  • 8/10 | Vitamin D production


For those seeking an intense, deep tan, the ExtraSun variant provides the necessary power to achieve your desired results. It gives you:

  • 10/10 | Instant tanning results 
  • 10/10 | Pigment build up
  • 7/10 | Skin care factor
  • 10/10 | Vitamin D production


Vitasun by megaSun K7S’ lets you experience both radiant tanning and effective skincare. It gives you:

  • 10/10 | Instant tanning results 
  • 9/10 | Pigment build up
  • 9/10 | Skin care factor
  • 8/10 | Vitamin D production

Get An Amazing Tan in the megaSun K7S

Achieving a beautiful UV Tan with the megaSun K7S is made possible by its amazing design and technological innovation. From its enchanting Infinity Mirror design to its advanced SunSphere technology, this sunbed promises you a tanning experience like no other. Say goodbye to ordinary tanning sessions and embrace the luxurious world of megaSun K7S.

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