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Bronzing Tanning Beds

Pursuing a sun-kissed glow has led many individuals to explore various tanning methods, and bronzing tanning beds have emerged as a popular choice. This comprehensive guide will explore the features and benefits of three outstanding bronzing tanning beds – the Energy 5.0, K7S, and P9S. These cutting-edge tanning machines promise an unparalleled tanning experience, providing users with a natural and radiant tan. Join us as we explore the world of bronzing tanning beds and discover the innovation behind these state-of-the-art devices.

pureEnergy 5.0

PureEnergy 5.0 stands out as a top-tier bronzing tanning bed, offering advanced features that cater to the modern tanning enthusiast. This bed is equipped with high-pressure lamps and UVB spaghetti lamps, ensuring a deeper and longer-lasting tan. The innovative design incorporates reflectors to maximize UV light distribution, producing an even tan across the entire body.

Additionally, pureEnergy 5.0 features a user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to customize their tanning experience. Users can enjoy a comfortable and personalized session with adjustable ventilation, body-cooling, and aromatherapy options. The bed’s ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a luxurious tanning experience.


For those who prioritize efficiency and speed, K7S is a bronzing tanning bed that exceeds expectations. This high-performance bed boasts a shorter tanning session duration without compromising on the quality of the tan. Equipped with smart cooling technology, K7S ensures that users remain comfortable throughout their session.

K7S combines UVA and UVB lamps, creating a perfect blend for achieving a natural and golden tan. Its spacious interior design minimizes any feelings of claustrophobia, providing users with a relaxing and enjoyable tanning experience. K7S is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, delivering impressive results in a shorter timeframe.


P9S takes bronzing tanning beds to new heights with its revolutionary features. This bed combines the power of high-pressure facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and body tanners to ensure a comprehensive and uniform tan. The P9S is designed to accommodate various skin types and tanning preferences, making it suitable for diverse users.

Incorporating advanced skin sensor technology, P9S adapts its UV output based on the user’s skin type, ensuring a safe and effective tanning experience. The bed’s spacious and ergonomic design enhances user comfort, creating a luxurious atmosphere for tanning enthusiasts. P9S offers a personalized and enjoyable tanning journey with customizable settings and an intuitive control panel.

Discover Your Perfect Glow at Plush Tan

As we conclude our exploration of bronzing tanning beds, it’s evident that pureEnergy 5.0, K7S, and P9S stand out as exceptional choices for those seeking a radiant and natural tan. These cutting-edge devices showcase dedication to innovation, comfort, and efficiency in indoor tanning.

If you’re ready to experience the ultimate bronzing tanning bed, look no further than Plush Tan. As the UAE’s premier destination for indoor tanning, Plush Tan offers a curated selection of bronzing tanning beds, including pureEnergy 5.0, K7S, and P9S. 

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