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How Many Sunbed Sessions To Get A Tan?

Do you want a golden glow but aren’t sure what to search for? You may have several queries, such as how long a session should last and whether or not your skin can burn. To begin with, don’t expect to see effects after the first six minutes. The speed with which you obtain a golden tan is determined by a number of factors, including your skin type and whether you use tanning accelerators.

We’ve answered the most common sunbed tanning sessions questions below to help you obtain the greatest results while also taking care of your skin.

Can I Get A Tan After One Session?

Everyone’s skin tans differently, but the most significant consideration is your skin type. The skin usually does not tan after the first session, and the results are noticeable only after 3-5 sunbed tanning sessions. These treatments cause the skin’s melanin to oxidise, darken the cells, and produce a tan. Lighter skin types may require a few additional sessions to achieve a deeper tan. And, hey, this isn’t something that can be rushed, so be patient.

How Often Should I Tan?

Your skin needs frequent upkeep after the initial 3-5 tanning sessions to keep the tan from fading. Regardless of your skin type, two sessions each week should be enough to deepen your tan. If your tan begins to fade before your next appointment, it is generally recommended that you wait at least 48 hours between sessions. This permits the tan to develop steadily and the cells to grow in a healthy manner. It also allows your skin to rejuvenate, rest, and heal damaged cells. To prevent your skin from burns and brown patches, avoid unnecessary sessions.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Tan?

The benefits are usually visible after three tanning sessions, although a distinct tan may take a few weeks of consistency (at least 3 to 4 times weekly). If you want to get a base tan before going on vacation, start three weeks ahead of time. If you want to keep a tan you got over the holidays or one you currently have, one session per week should suffice.

Can I Use Tan Accelerators?

It may sound fantastic to be able to replace a few sessions with tan boosters, but the effort may be in vain. It takes patience to develop a tan in a gradual and controlled manner, and speeding the process could do more harm than good. To begin with, the majority of tan accelerator formulations on the market are simply hydrating lotions that promise quick results. Second, these lotions may react with your skin, producing irritation and burns.

Is it, nevertheless, feasible to speed up the tanning process while remaining safe? Yes, if you use the right tan booster with skin-stimulating chemicals and UV protection. L-tyrosine, an element that helps the skin generate a better and deeper tan faster, is a solid indicator of a good formula. Antioxidants, carotenoids, and vitamins should all be present to protect against UV rays. Bronzer is a component in some high-end accelerators that kick-starts your chosen tan colour, resulting in attractive, golden-hued skin.

How Does My Skin Type Affect Tanning Process?

As previously explained, your skin type has a significant impact on your tan, and knowing this can help you avoid burns, brown patches, and colour fading. Skin typing entails determining how long one should stay in the sunbed and how many sessions are necessary to achieve improvements. It also aids in determining the natural resources available to your skin for UV protection. There are six different varieties of skin.

How Can I Determine My Tanning Skin Type?


Skin Type One

The skin is light white, frequently burns, and tans only seldom.

Skin Type Two

With green or blue eyes and red hair, the complexion is usually exceedingly pale or white. It tans extremely little and burns quickly.

Skin Type Three

Green or blue eyes, light beige skin, and light brown or blonde hair characterize this individual. 

Skin Type Four

The skin can easily burn, thus tanning should be done with caution. 

Skin Type Five

Dark brown hair and eyes contrast with olive or light brown skin that tans rapidly.

Skin Type Six

The individual has a brown complexion, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. The skin tans quickly and burns infrequently.

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