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Fake tanning has become fashionable as people have grown more aware of the importance of preserving their skin from excessive sun exposure, which may lead to skin cancer and other bodily ailments. Fake tanning has been popular in recent years because it provides a safe technique to get tanning or darken your skin without exposure to UV rays.

All owing to self-tanners, good spray tans, and bed tan, tanning is no longer dangerous, and we can now all have that lovely sun-kissed glow all over our bodies without causing burning UV penetrations.

What’s in it for me?

Besides getting a lovely tanned complexion on the exterior, tanning offers several other advantages. The best approach for your body to make vitamin D is to expose it to UV light in small doses. 

Vitamin D is necessary to prevent diseases such as psoriasis and bone disease. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption in the body, resulting in strong bones and a robust immune system! 

Exposure can even help prevent cancers like colon and breast cancer, and a base tan can help avoid sunburn! People exposed to more sunshine for long periods have been demonstrated to be happier and healthier.

Dubai’s Best Tanning Salon

Although Dubai has magnificent beaches that provide the perfect calming spell by allowing the sun to kiss our bodies, we must remember the dangers that the scorching heat poses to our skin. Our skin is quite fragile, and we must take care of it while having fun on Dubai’s scorching beaches. Because the area is excessively hot, it’s best to flaunt your super-hot bikini look while the sun is low and gentle.

However, if you’re worried about how you’ll tell your friends that you had a super cool sunshiny holiday on the lovely beaches of Dubai, or if you’re worried about getting the compliment, ‘you look beautiful in this sun-kissed hue!’, ‘Plush Tan’ could be a great help because Dubai has an amazing pool of wonderful tanning lounges.

Let us take a brief look at Dubai’s most famous and favorite tanning salon.

Plush Tan

Plush tan beauty salon is among the best Dubai tanning salons. You get the widest variety of services and professionals to serve you the best in every possible manner. Inside out, you get the best ambiance and quality that you look for.

If you still haven’t discovered the one salon for you, then visit Plush Tan for an alluring tan with a healthy glow. Plush Tan is dedicated to providing you with the ideal tan. All you have to do now is choose from Golden, Caramel, Latte, or Chocolate! 

What do you want to be like this weekend? Hurry to Plush Tan and leave feeling satisfied with your beautiful tan. Sunbeds and sunless spray tanning are both available at Plush Tan. Go to the Tecom Thuraya building facing the Byblos Hotel in Dubai to be a happy Plush Tanner.

Plush Tan is proud of its long-standing status as Dubai’s most popular indoor tanning and sprays tanning facility. Plush tan’s founders and the team have worked hard for over 20 years to educate themselves. Our clients on the newest tanning trends and industry to be certain that they will have safe and fun tanning and spray on tan experience.

Plush Tan clinics provide lifelong memberships through our unique “Platinum, VIP, and Plush” tanning packages. Unlike the others, we do not debit your account automatically or add an expiration date. We provide you the option of splitting your payments and sharing your account with relatives or friends. High-pressure tactics are not something we believe in.

Is Indoor Tanning More Effective Than Outdoor Tanning?

When attempting to convey the difference between the output of the sun and that of sunbeds, this expression is widely used. The intensity of the sun, on the other hand, is affected by elements such as the time of day, the season, closeness to the equator, and reflecting surfaces like sand, water, and snow. There is no specified transmission level for sunlight. The sun’s intensity in Australia during midday is very different from that on a Mediterranean beach.

Plush Tan and Beauty Salon

If you’re a visitor or new to Dubai tanning salons, determine what to do first, how to arrange an appointment, and where to go for the best results.

If you’re ready to rent a sunbed Dubai or solarium Dubai there’s no need to go further. Plush Tan Dubai is the ideal option if you’re looking for the top tan salon near me.

Men and women who wish to tan in a solarium can use Plush Tan’s body spray tanning services. We now have four locations in Dubai where you may get help.

The following areas are where we are located:

  • Motor City
  • Barsha Heights 
  • Jumeirah Palm
  • DIFC
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Jumeirah Village Circle

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