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The fashion industry’s inclination always tends to side with what’s currently happening and the trend at the moment. The trend of today’s fashion is tanning.

Tanning is a quick and easy technique to achieve a healthy glow, especially if you struggle to spend time outside in the sun. 

This article includes a thorough understanding of tanning in Dubai. We make it simple to compare salons, services, and costs. You may compare businesses and then schedule an appointment at Plush Tan beauty salon right away.

Find the best tanning salon near me

Plush Tan assists you in locating the greatest solarium Dubai, because Plush Tan is regarded in the best tanning salons in Dubai. We make it simple for you to find the best package for your tanning needs. We also provide high-quality photographs to see the details and insight of packages you’re choosing. In addition, we notify you if there are any special deals available.

Even though Dubai has abundant year-round sunshine, bed tan and standing tanning booths are nevertheless quite popular. If you’ve just moved to the city and want to look tanned, a tanning salon Dubai is a good option. It may also be used to tan parts of the body that are difficult to tan.

Most important advantage of tanning

The primary benefit of tanning is aesthetic. However, getting a tan in a controlled setting with skilled personnel eliminates the chance of being exposed to the sun’s damaging rays. A solarium in Dubai is essential if you wish to keep it secure.

Getting the ideal tan might also help you boost your self-esteem. When you look good, you feel better, which may have a favorable effect on your daily life. Tanning is worth considering if you are going to a social function and want to look your best, or if you have been sick or have been indoors and need a boost of color.

Another advantage is that you can tan your entire body. There are several modesty and dress rules in Solarium Dubai. These dress rules can occasionally interfere with your ability to achieve the ideal tan. A solarium for tanning can help you attain a full-body tan. Whether you choose a spray tan or a lie-down tan in a private area, this is particularly true.

What exactly is tanning?

Tanning increases the darkness of the skin by using UV light or a spray. The goal is to replicate the effects of the sun in a regulated, professional, and private setting. Tanning also includes the use of “off-the-shelf” self-tanning products. Professional tanning workers with certifications and expertise with tanning equipment are required.

The majority of tanning clinics feature lie-down tanning beds and spray tanning booths. UV radiation is used in lie-down tanning. You will recline on a comfy bed while UV illumination tans your skin for a predetermined amount of time. A solarium is perfect if you want to rest during the process rather than standing for the allotted period.

Stand-up tanning is common and generally includes the use of spray tan equipment. This full-body tanning treatment is rapid and allows you to customize the amount of tan you want. It’s also less dangerous than standard UV tanning.

What Effect Does My Skin Type Have on the Tanning Process?

As previously said, your skin type has a significant impact on your tan and recognising this helps minimize burns, brown patches, and color fading. Skin typing entails determining how long one should spend in the sunbed or solarium and the number of sessions required to achieve effects. It also aids in determining the natural resources available to your skin to guard against UV rays.

How to Book a Tanning Salon Appointment?

If you’re ready to start reserving a sunroom or solarium in Dubai, use the Plush Tan’s website to narrow out location according to your neighborhood. We allow you to quickly compare different packages based on characteristics, including pricing, services, location, and more. 

Plush Tan Beauty Salon

Are you looking for a technique to achieve a tan without the risks of sun exposure? Plush Tan offers a range of full body and partial solarium tan sessions. 

Choose one of the following options:

Option 1: One Tanning Session.

Option 2: Five Tanning Session.

Option 3: Ten Tanning Session.

Option 4: Twenty Tanning Session.

Option 5: Unlimited Tanning Session.

We also offers different promo deals for UV tanning.

1-    Sunday – Back To Track Offer (Buy 1 & Get 1 FREE on any single UV tanning and Spray tan session).

2-    Monday – Slow Down Offer (Get 30% OFF on UV tanning & Spray tan packages).

3-    Tuesday – Men Appreciation Day Offer (Buy a lotion sample & Get 1 FREE UV Tanning session).

4-    Wednesday – Ladies Day Offer (35% Off on any 5 UV tanning or Spray tan sessions).

5-    Thursday – Cocktail. Tan Offer (Buy a Spray tan session & Get 9 min UV tanning session FREE).

6-    Friday – Chill-axing Offer ( Free upgrade on UV tanning sessions).

7-    Saturday. – Weekend-ing Offer (Bring a friend & tan FREE).

If you are interested in solarium tanning, Plush Tan offers its body spray tanning services for both men and women tan. We currently have 6 locations in Dubai that you can benefit from. They are located at:

Motor city

Barsha Heights

Palm Jumeirah


Dubai Silicon Oasis

Jumeirah Village Circle

So what are you waiting for? NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED! Visit Plush Tan Salon today. 



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