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Does A Spray Tan Get Darker After a Shower? Tips for Showering After a Spray Tan

Proper care for your Spray Tan immediately starts after you leave the tanning salon. If you happen to neglect the right steps for maintaining and caring for your new Spray Tan, it can result in uneven patches and streaks. One of the most common mistakes after a Spray Tan session is showering immediately. This is because the first shower after your Spray Tan is the one that sets how long it will last and how even the tone will be.

Does A Spray Tan Get Darker After a Shower?

No. A Spray Tan does not typically get darker after a shower.

However, if you want a deep and dark Spray Tan, there should be at least an 8-hour interval before you take your first shower. By doing so, you can get more time for the darker color to develop. Plus, the color will continue to develop after your shower as well.

When Is the Best Time to Shower After Getting a Spray Tan?

The best time to shower is at least 8 hours after your Spray Tan appointment.

It should be a short, brief shower so you can prevent stripping off your tan. You may rinse gently under warm water for 3 minutes at most.

Tips for Showering After a Spray Tan Session

To make sure that you get optimal Spray Tan results, here is a step-by-step guide on everything you need to do before, during, and after your first shower after your session, along with everything else you might need to know to maintain your new Spray Tan.

Before Your First Shower

Before you take your first shower, you won’t be able to see full-color development yet because Spray Tan usually takes up to 24 hours to develop full color. There is not much you need to do when preparing for your first shower. 

All you have to do is ensure that you wait for the full recommended time for development before you jump in the shower. If you shower too soon, it may cause your tan to wash away and it will not be as dark as you would want.

During Your First Shower

Most Spray Tan solutions contain bronzer, so this instantly gives the skin a tanned, bronze color before the actual Spray Tan ingredients develop on the skin. During your first shower, this bronze tone will wash off, so don’t panic if your skin lightens, it is just the bronzer washing away. The product will still develop on your skin over the next few hours.

After Your First Shower

After you have taken your first shower, you should dry your skin gently. It is important to carefully pat your skin dry with a soft towel as rubbing your skin with a towel may cause the tan to be removed and not develop properly. It is best if you use an old dark towel so that in case there is any bronzer left on your skin, it will not stain.

Get the Perfect Spray Tan from the Best Tanning Salon in Dubai

Your first shower after your Spray Tan session is very important if you want to achieve your desired results. Showering too early can result in a lighter tan, while using inappropriate products may lead to an uneven and unappealing outcome. To ensure a successful Spray Tan, follow the tips we’ve mentioned above.

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