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Tinting Eyebrows Important Facts

Eyebrow shades have been around for some time, but they seem to be the best alternative to tinting eyebrows makeup in the last few months. This is a quick but relatively long-lasting solution for those who may not be ready to work on a more permanent micro blading treatment.  Suddenly, all beauty salons seem to offer this old and golden service! 

What Exactly is The Shade of The Eyebrows? 

Eyebrow shades are a similar process to hair shades. Color the eyebrows by applying a semi-permanent shade of eyebrows to the arch of the eyebrows. The effect of coloring the eyebrows lies in the fact that each arch has a lot of very fine hair. When colored, it gives the arch a feeling of fullness and fills sparsely populated areas. The result is absolutely natural and subtle. Therefore, tinting eyebrow shades are also ideal for men’s eyebrow care. 

How Long Will The Treatment Take? How is it? 

Coloring the eyebrows takes only about 15 minutes, including consultation. Decide how natural the look will be and the technician will mix the custom color mix based on that. It is usually one or two shades lighter than your hair. Before applying the color, the technician prepares the area by cleaning the eyebrows, removing a small amount of wax, or using tweezers as needed. Technicians also place a petrolatum barrier around the arch to prevent discoloration of the skin on the outside of the arch.  The color is applied to the eyebrows. Depending on the shade and the thickness of the hair, leave it for 515 minutes to remove excess. Shadow-like residues typically remain on the skin under the hair, which is washed away within a day or two. 

How Long Does The Eyebrow Shade Last?

The eyebrows remain colored for 23 days, but the results can last up to 6 weeks, depending on the type of skin, skincare routine, and amount of sunlight the eyebrows receive. Sunlight bleaches and colors can fade quickly.  Another thing to avoid is to keep your tinting eyebrows wet for at least 12 hours after booking and always avoid oil-based skincare and makeup products as they will fade faster. Exfoliating can cause excessive fallout and is best avoided around the eyebrows. Products containing retinoids and retinol can also be more irritating to the skin and should be avoided for some time after toning.

Tinting Eyebrows  Facts

How Much Does it Cost to Color The Eyebrows?

The price of the eyebrow coloring reservation depends on the location and exclusivity of the salon. Plush Tan offers its tinting eyebrows service at reasonable rates and doesn’t compromise on the quality.

Does Shade of The Eyebrows Damage Eyebrows?

Coloring the eyebrows is a completely non-invasive procedure as there is no damage to the skin. Eyebrow paint does not contain bleach, so it is very gentle and will not damage your hair or hair follicles.  However, it is advisable to inquire about the brands of dyes used in the salon and their ingredients.

Who are the Candidates for Eyebrow Shades?

If you are prone to allergic reactions to dyes, it is not a good idea to add color. For the first time coloring, a technician recommends a 24-hour patch test.  The test is performed by applying a small amount of shade to the winding skin behind the ears or on the arms and tracking the reaction. Coloring is not the best option if you notice a burning sensation or itching, or if your skin appears red and inflamed after rinsing. Brow tinting is suitable for all skin types and tones, not just hair color. The darker the natural eyebrows, the fewer color adjustments you can make naturally. Coloring is especially popular with blonde men and women, who may have a false impression that micro-blading is not possible.  Gray eyebrows can also be colored, but the process needs to be adjusted so that the results do not bleed or become uneven. White hair tends to be difficult to absorb dyes, so it is advisable to consult an experienced technician.

Where Can I Get Eyebrow and Eyelash Shades?

Tinting Eyebrows and eyelash shades are available in many hair salons and beauty salons and spas, but be sure to go with a diligent and experienced technician at Plush Tan.  The best way to make sure you’re happy with the results is to look at the photos before and after the eyebrow shades. 

Can I Dye my Eyebrows at Home? 

If you don’t want to find an eyebrow coloring salon nearby, you can try waxing and tinting your eyebrows at home as a cheap alternative!
Of course, the first step is to straighten and pull out unwanted hair to straighten your eyebrows. Then apply a barrier in the form of petrolatum around the eyebrows. Then apply the color, leave it on for less than 5 minutes, and rinse it off, being careful not to rub it. This is a fairly straightforward procedure, but it is important to choose the right quality product. It is not recommended to dye the eyebrows with a hair dye. This is because the prescription is too strict for thin skin. So be sure to use eyebrow color, eyebrow shade kit, and even mustache color!

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