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Self-tanner is one of those areas in the beauty that can make or break your life. The spray on tan is traditionally time-consuming (waiting hours to shower), demands dedication (monthly upkeep), tan salon and patience (splotches, unpleasant scents, and a general mess are all too typical). It has the potential to make you orange. 

On the other hand, the best spray tan brands promise to develop quickly, smell better, and keep your towels, linens, and bathroom clean, all while providing a realistic fake tan.

Unlike facial tanners, which frequently include high-priced anti-aging chemicals, bronzing the body is all about covering as much surface area as possible. Self-tanner should be used in the same way that you use various moisturizers for your face and body. Unless otherwise stated, these products are only for use below the neck. These tanners are also used as men’s tan.

Skin-Tanning Lotions 

When looking for an indoor tanning lotion, DESIGNER SKIN is always at the top of the list. For many years and years to come, the tanning products industry and the best tanning salons in Dubai have been leading the way to getting a natural-looking tan. 

Designer Skin provides an Indoor Tanning Lotion to fit the demands of every tanner, from the novice to the most expert. These lotions are incredibly popular, with top-of-the-line aromas and ingredients that will leave everyone envious of your results while also providing you with the healthiest tan imaginable. A top-of-the-line tanning lotion like luminary or bombshell may fit the hardcore tanner, while Smile your Darker may suit the newbie.

14 Karat Gold Rush 

DefianceTM Tanning Complex was created with experienced tanners in mind, using an optimal balance of intensifiers, DHA, and Erythrulose to help you break past your tanning plateau.

– Hyaluronic Acid, an age-defying miracle, promotes collagen formation and cellular repair, which helps to improve skin suppleness and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.

– Gold of Pleasure Oil is strong in Omega-3 fatty acids, which aid to leave skin smooth and beautiful.

– Ultra-Refined Gold reflects and diffuses light, reducing blemishes and enhancing your tan.


VIVID is infused with a herbal combination. The botanical blend is a potent antioxidant cocktail that protects and renews the skin for a long-lasting tan! VIVID has unique Smart Tan Color technology available as bronzers and gradual and prolonged tans and skin care treatments.

Norvell Venetian Sunless Tan

Exquisite and Exotic: Norvell Venetian sunless tan extender/enhancer deposits DHA in violet and brown colors that cleverly resemble the magnificent and exotic bronze skin tones seen on the sultry, sun-drenched sands of the European Riviera. 

A gradual tanning lotion that outperforms the competition. Bronzers give you a quick bronze glow, while DHA helps you develop a deep tan over time.

Fresh Air for your skin: Take care of your tan while inhaling the enticing and addictive beachy perfume of Norvell’s Paradise Breeze. You’ll feel as if you’ve been whisked away to the gorgeous seascapes of the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Add anti-aging ingredients to your skin: This age-defying tanning extender lotion will envelop your buffed, bronzed body with succulent, moisture, and much-needed nourishment, bursting at the brim with beautifying botanical oils of grapeseed and hempseed, including olive-derived squalene, antioxidant vitamins C and E, and essential extracts of green tea, lemon peel, strawberry, and banana fruit.

DHA difference for everybody: While the premium-grade DHA ingredient seals into the top layer of skin, maximizing sunless tanning performance for a deep, long-lasting, gorgeous tan, the cool, unique formulation provides both cool and warm undertones that compliment any skin tone.

Tans and tones: This premium body tan extender is infused with body-buffing glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acids, as well as pin-perfecting caffeine to help kick cellulite to the curb for summer-sexy skin that’s tight, toned, and tanned from the head to tippy-toe. Our self-tanning lotions not only give you great color but also nurture your skin.

Products from the Swedish Beauty

Never undervalue the importance of good tanning products. The correct ones might be between a splotchy tan and a stunning glow. A beautiful body tan spray or lotion can also reduce the need for foundation; the heat makes wearing makeup on your face unbearable. All you need is an exceptional glow to obtain a fresh darker tan, warm-weather-ready complexion.

Swedish Beauty Tanning has a large range of products for several uses, the most common is to color the skin. They also hydrate, fight indications of aging, prolong the life of color, and shape the skin. Many of these lotions include herbal, flowery, and fruity undertones in their scents, which assist in masking the terrible self-tanner stink.

Body BlushTM is a line of cosmetics for the body.

The unique Body BlushTM line gives you a delicate, warm glow right away, followed by a rich, long-lasting color. The line comprises several items, including the following:

Tickled Pink: Four bronzers, hydrating ingredients, vitamin E, and the proprietary Body BlushTM blend give skin a radiant shine.

Frosted Hemp: This cooling lotion contains hemp seed extract, which helps to prolong the tan.

Plush Tan and Beauty Salon

If you’re a visitor or new to tanning, determine what to do first, how to arrange an appointment, and where to go for the best results.

If you’re ready to rent a sunbed Dubai or solarium Dubai, there’s no need to go further. Plush Tan Dubai is the ideal option if you’re looking for the top tanning salons near me.

Men and women who wish to tan in a solarium can use Plush Tan’s body spray tanning services. We now have four locations in Dubai where you may get help.

The following areas are where we are located:

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