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Eye Protection For Smart Indoor Tanning

smart indoor tanning

We often hear it’s necessary to follow tanning eye protection, or you can’t get your smart indoor tanning. Have you ever wondered why such strict laws protect the eyes when using sunbeds in Dubai? The answer is clear. Your eyes…

What are Tanning Treatments?

Tanning Treatments

Introduction A tanning treatment changes the color of your skin to make it appear as though you’ve been equally exposed to the sun and have a “healthy” tan. A body tan spray in a booth or tent or applying a…

Tanning Products

Tanning Products

Introduction Self-tanner is one of those areas in the beauty that can make or break your life. The spray on tan is traditionally time-consuming (waiting hours to shower), demands dedication (monthly upkeep), tan salon and patience (splotches, unpleasant scents, and…

Can You Tan in Dubai Winters?

Tan in Dubai Winters

Introduction Is it wintertime in Dubai?  That means it’s time to enjoy yourself under the sun! The beach season is here. Winter is the finest time to visit or even reside in Dubai when it comes to enjoying the beaches. …

Indoor Tanning in Dubai

Indoor Tanning Dubai

Introduction Indoor tanning, also known as controlled tanning, is the only way to ensure that your skin receives the maximum amount of UV rays. Plush tan’s purpose is to make it easier and more responsible for appearing tanned and healthy. …

What is Fake Tan?

Fake Tan

Introduction Sunless tanning, also called UV-filled tanning, self-tanning, spray tanning (when administered topically), or fake tanning, is obtaining a tan without exposure to the sun. Sunless tanning entails the application of creams, lotions, and sprays to the skin. The tanning…

Tan Places Near me

spray tan Bikini

‘Tan salon near me“ A common question that customers frequently ask is not satisfied by the quality of salons or the packages they are offering. Everyone in the neighborhood wants to obtain a bronze appearance these days! The market is teeming…

Preventing the Spread With Plush Tan

Tanning In Sun

The effects of COVID-19 on the world cannot be understated, the reactions and shift to this new normal has been a rough patch for most businesses, especially those that rely on the presence of their customers to work. The tanning…

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