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How to Use a Sunbed? Top 10 Things You Should Know

Are you perplexed about how to use a sunbed for the first time? Or want to know the best sunbed in Dubai? As a beginner or someone planning to use a sunbed, it’s natural to have many questions and ambiguities in mind. But don’t worry. We have done all the research and come up with a complete guide of things you must be aware of before heading towards any saloon for tanning on the sunbed.

Plush Tan brings you the most exclusive and comprehensive services for a sunbed in Dubai. With us, you no longer need to search for UV tanning near me or tanning beds near me.

Whether you select a standup tanning bed or the traditional style, you require some tips before and aftercare following the tanning session. Read the complete guide to know the 10 things everyone should know before using the sunbed for the first time and learn how to use a sunbed in no time.

10 Things You Should Know Before Using a Sunbed

The list includes all the necessary dos and don’ts you must consider before using a sunbed for the UV tanning session. Use this guide to achieve the maximum results with safety. So let’s get started.

1. Always Start With A Consultation

Some people find consultation unnecessary, but it is the first step to getting good results and maintaining skin health. The consultation will help determine your skin type and guide you about the frequency and duration of each session without harming or burning your skin. The consultation will also guide you about better tanning equipment suitable for your skin type.

2. Know The Minimum Age Regulations In Your Country

Each country’s law has certain age limitations when using sunbeds for tanning sessions. Many countries, such as UK and Canada regulations do not allow under 16 or 18 to use sunbeds. In Dubai Personal care centers law, no one younger than 18 can use a sunbed. However, they can use other methods. If you are younger and plan to use a sunbed, it’s better to check the country’s regulations to avoid any problems.

3. Be Precautions If You Are On Any Medications 

Many medical conditions like eczema, epilepsy, diabetes, and migraine may be affected due to UV rays. Medicines also alter the body’s biochemistry and alter your sensitivity to UV light. When you have a certain health condition or use medications, your skin may experience sunburn more easily than usual. So, if you are using any medications, it is better to consult with cosmetic consultants or your doctor before starting your tanning sessions.

Here is a list of common medications you just consider before a sunbed session in Dubai.

·         Antibiotics

·         Diuretics

·         Anti-Depressants

·         Drugs for blood pressure

·         Antimalarials

·         Some Analgesics

·         Some Contraceptive pills

·         Psoralens

·         Eosin

4. Plan Out Your Tanning Sessions

Always plan your tanning sessions with your tanning consultant.  The frequency and duration greatly vary on your requirements and skin type. If you want to retain your tan after a holiday, one session per week will be enough for you. And if you want to build a tan base, you may require a minimum of 2 sessions for up to 3 weeks. Always give a gap of 72 hours between two sessions so your skin cells can rejuvenate and produce melanin. Planning your tanning sessions will influence their effectiveness.

5. Choose The Tanning Equipment 

Before you learn how to use a sunbed or find a sunbed in Dubai, it’s better to know and choose tanning equipment. Although all sunbeds emit UV radiation to produce cosmetic skin tanning, instead of searching for UV tanning near me, always search for stand-up tanning beds or traditional tanning beds near me. It will give you an idea about the availability of your preferred tanning equipment. At a saloon, you may choose either a stand-up tanning bed or a traditional lay-down tanning bed, depending on the availability or your convenience.

6. Look Out For Cleanliness

When choosing a cosmetic treatment, one should always look for cleanliness and hygiene. After each tanning session, the tanning units require in-depth cleaning with special detergents, whether lay-down or stand-up sunbeds. These detergents also have the disinfectant quality to remove germs and bacteria. Cleanliness ensures the sunbed is ready for the next tanning session.

7. Decide What To Wear 

You don’t want tanning lines on your body after your UV tanning session. Experts recommend exposing most of your body to UV rays during the tanning sessions to obtain great results. So, you can wear a bikini or go naked to get maximum results. Whatever you decide to wear, always cover your nipples and genitals, as they are sensitive and prone to burning. Besides dress, never wear any makeup or jewelry in the sunbed as more will affect UV rays absorption.

8. Wearing Eye Protection

It is mandatory to wear eye protection when using sunbeds for tanning. These are special UV protection eyewear that does not allow UV rays to harm the eyes. Sunbeds use UV radiation to produce tanning. UV rays effectively affect the skin but are detrimental to the eyes. UV rays cause aging of all structures of the eyes and are linked with cataracts, corneal damage, and macular degeneration that leads to decreased eye vision. Hence, wearing UV protection eyewear during tanning sessions is necessary.

9. Using A Tan Accelerator Or Sunbed Cream 

A tan accelerator or sunbed cream supplies essential vitamins and nutrients to moisturize your skin and intensify the tanning process. Well-moisturized skin tans easier and has a long-lasting effect. So, searching for a good tan accelerator or sunbed cream is recommended before searching for UV tanning near me. With Plush Tan, you don’t need to worry as we have specially formulated high-quality tan accelerator and sunbed creams to give 100% better results for all skin types.

10. Dump The White Spots

Many people complain about white spots on the shoulder or other body parts after the tanning session when using the lay-down sunbed. These white spots are irritating and do not let you enjoy the results. As irritating as white spots may sound, easier it is to avoid them. Frequently changing position relieve pressure points and won’t let the appearance of white spots on your body. This isn’t the problem with a stand-up tanning bed, as no pressure spots are formed.

Where To Find Tanning Beds Near Me? 

As you know how to use a sunbed, you may be anxious to find tanning near me to get your first tanning session. As sunbed in Dubai is a trend, you will find many saloons. But, if you choose Plush Tan for your tanning sessions, you will no longer need to search for UV tanning near me as you will find comprehensive tanning services under one roof.

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