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When to Shower After Spray Tan

Showering After Spray Tan

To maintain that healthy bronze glow for as long as possible, having a routine to take care of your spray tan is essential. In fact, an effective routine starts even before you enter the tanning studio and maintains itself well past the tanning process itself.

Whether it’s about the ideal water temp to how much time you need to wait before showering, this helpful guide to maintaining your tan answers those questions and more curiosities as well as provides good after-care advice on things to avoid to keep your tan glowing. Keep reading until the end to see just what we can offer you in terms of products and services.

When Do You Shower?

This is the biggest question when it comes to maintaining a tan and simply put, it is essential to wait at least 4-8 hours after the process to shower for the first time but do not wait any more than 24 hours. While 4-8 hours is a general rule, the type of tan used as well as the application of the spray tan can change up different factors. Nowadays, the most common type of spray tan being used is those with quick-developing formulas that can be washed off for as little as 2 hours if you want to achieve a lighter tan.

One very important rule is to avoid any form of moisture, which includes activities that produce sweat like working out. Also, avoid moisturising the skin or putting on any liquid foundation which may get the tan wet. Keep in mind that these first few hours are an important part of the spray tan process and help in its development. Excess moisture can cause the solution to not stick to the skin as well as it should.

Golden Rules for a Golden Glow

Now that you’ve finished letting the tan sit and develop for 4-8 hours, it is time to rinse off any excess bronzer. Keep that first post-tan shower short and sweet, around a few minutes only, and bear in mind that, since you’re rinsing off excess bronzer, you may see some of the golden glow wash away. 

Another important tip with your initial post-tan shower is to avoid washing your hair with any shampoo or other products as this may cause negative reactions with the bronzer leading to streaking or uneven lines of tan. Along with this also avoid shaving or exfoliating the skin the first time around,

Keep this in mind and also avoid using loofahs or sponges which may rub off the bronzer, instead use your hand and lukewarm water to rinse the body until the water runs clear. While avoiding body wash is important during the first shower, there are options available that avoid the risks of letting your bronzer fade easily, simply make sure that said body wash has hydrating formulas that are free from any drying, colour stripping sulphates, or chemicals. 

As for your face? It is all okay to give it a wash but as with most things, keep it simple with gentle face washes that are free from exfoliants or acids which break down the tan.

Care After Your Shower

Because of the natural way your skin sheds, spray tans usually only last around 5-7 days. To make sure your skin is looking as glowing as ever for as long as possible it is important to keep your skin hydrated. A good way to do this is to stick to showering only once a day if possible and to keep them short and lukewarm.

Shaving and hair removal is important of the prep steps of spray tanning but of course, it is an unavoidable aspect of the process usually a week after the fake tan. So how do you go about properly shaving after a tan? Since it is essentially exfoliation, some removal of colour is inevitable however, the effects of this can be reduced by shaving within a minimum of 24 hours after applying the tan. It is ideal to use a fresh razor to ensure that it is clean and moisturisers to be applied through gentle pressure while you shave.

Exfoliating is another important aspect to consider. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliation is not an entirely bad idea, though as with most things, it must be done lightly and with great care for the skin to ensure the tan fades out evenly. This will lead to less streaking and patchiness as it fades, reducing the prep work involved for the next upcoming session.

What We Can Do To Help

Spray tans is one of the best and quickest ways to feel that much more beautiful, especially when it’s one that matches your tone and vibes. Hopefully, we have answered your doubts on when to shower after spray tan. But we know the journey doesn’t end there and fear not, we have more tips, tricks, products, and services to help you gain that glow.

At Plush Tan, we know just how difficult it can be to maintain that bronze glow by yourself and especially when it comes to proper showering and aftercare routines. We provide services and products just for this and for you to get the bronze glow you love this summer.

From our high-quality tanning beds and spray tan services to our selection of products that will help maintain that glow, visit our website or contact us for more information on how we can help you.



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