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Tanning with a Spray Tan


When summer rings a bell, it’s an invitation for cold drinks, parties, and not to forget Tanning!

A trip to the tanning clinic is all that is required to achieve the flawless bronzed goddess look, and you often wonder which one is the best tanning salon near me. You can always count on Plush Tan beauty salon Dubai for the best spray tan in Dubai with all sorts of services available.

Spray Tanning

There’s no need to spend hours in the sun trying to acquire the ideal tan; with a spray tan, you’ll have the perfect sun-kissed glow this summer with the services of a leg tan.

spray tan is the ideal tanning solution because you don’t have to worry about turning into an orange pumpkin or looking unnatural. A professionally performed indoor tanning session at a plush tanning salon will result in a stunning glow that will undoubtedly improve your summer.

Do’s Of Tanning with a Spray Tan

There are some crucial points you have to keep in mind when you’re opting for Tanning with a spray tan:

  • Wax And Shave Before Tanning

If you have long leg hair during a leg tan or entire tan session, it will catch on to the spray tan solution and create a cross-hatch pattern on your legs. Also, waxing after having a tan spray may cause the color to fade considerably faster.

  • Wait For The First Shower

After a tan session; you should wait at least 6-8 hours before having your first shower.

  • It Will Get Darker Before It Gets Light

Don’t panic; it will get darker before settling into the right bronze color. In addition, the best color will emerge after your first shower.

  • Exfoliate Before Going

Exfoliate with a nice body scrub. It will remove the dead skin layer and soothe any dry patches on your skin.

  • Remember Your Clothing

If you have long leg hair before leg tan or body tan, it will catch on to the spray tan solution and form a cross-hatch pattern on your legs.

  • Don’t Wear Deodorant, Makeup, Or Any Accessories

they will act as a barrier in the process, so remove all items before beginning.

  • Moisturize Every Day

Remember to moisturize and hydrate your skin daily after your first shower following the spray tan. Avoid using any oil-based moisturizers because they can cause your skin to become blotchy. Instead, try lighter ones.

Don’ts Of Tanning with a Spray Tan

With these things in mind, you also have to refrain from some things, which are:

  • Don’t take a hot shower

While a hot shower may feel relaxing, the steam will open all of your pores, allowing your spray tan to settle unevenly into your skin. This will leave you with brown dots all over your body for roughly a week. If you can’t stand a cold shower, rub an ice cube over your skin to seal and tighten pores.

  • Avoid getting a facial

If you’re having a beautiful day, decide whether you want a facial or a spray tan—but not both. “Facials should be avoided shortly before a spray tan since the tanner will get into the open pores on the skin and form blackhead-looking patches,” advises a tanning specialist. As a result, it is recommended that you wait at least a day after obtaining your facial and until any discomfort has subsided to guarantee an even spray. You can also have your body sprayed and cover your face, though this may result in an inconsistent appearance.

  • Don’t use self-tanner

It’s not easy to be pasty, primarily if you’re used to a bronze glow, but resist the urge to use self-tanner or even tinted moisturizer. As your spray tan fades on leg tans and body tans, these items may cause it to appear uneven and spotty.

  • Avoid getting a laser treatment

A spray tan should never be used after a laser-based skin-care treatment, such as Fraxel. As the top few layers of skin peel away, so does the tan. “Lasers may also leave dry regions or blotches on the skin, and the tanner will darken in these areas,” says the manufacturer. For these reasons, it is recommended that you wait until your skin has ceased peeling after your laser treatment before having a spray tan. If your laser treatment was simply on your face, you could have your entire body blasted.

  • Don’t get lash extensions

Because you shouldn’t get your new lashes wet for 24 to 48 hours after receiving lash extensions, experts agree that it’s better to wait a day or two before getting a spray tan.

“Although a spray tan should not wet [the lashes] enough to cause any problems, cleaning your face to properly remove the spray tan.”

“Some clients may choose to conceal their lashes while being sprayed, but it’s important to note that this will most likely result in some unsightly tan lines around the eyes.”


You often wonder which the best tanning salon near me is or where I can go freely, having no doubts about the level of satisfaction you will get; Plush Tan Salon Dubai has made that dream come true for you. We are here for you with four different branches from all over Dubai, including Motor City, Barsha Heights, Palm Jumeirah, DIFC, Dubai Silicon Osais, and Jumeirah Village Circle. We offer state-of-the-art leg tans and body tans for our customers with satisfaction with our staff being highly qualified at the same time.



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