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Because of advancements in spray tan treatments, streaky sunless tans with an unpleasant orange tint are a thing of the past. Today’s top-rated products provide a safe, natural-looking tan with no effort, and many also provide additional advantages such as anti-aging or moisturizing properties.

Good spray tans guarantee that the final product will last with the quality you need and the satisfaction you deserve fully. Although spray tan products are available in the market, experts always suggest that the tan should be getting in a controlled environment within a salon under tan artists’ surveillance.

These are the highest grade of materials that Plush tanning Salon Dubai uses for the satisfaction level guarantee of its customers.

  • Onyx Self Tanner by Skinerals

This whipped mousse self-tanner contains DHA and antioxidants (Indian gooseberry, acai berry, fig extract, goji berry, green and white tea). 

As previously stated, this may aid in reducing free radical damage. It also includes vitamins A, C, and E, which assist in restoring and soothing the skin’s barrier. It also moisturizes with plant-derived glycerin.

  • Professional Tanning Solution Sienna X 12 %

The Sienna X 12 Percent Professional Tanning Solution is one of the best-selling products.

This tanning solution is appropriate for individuals with darker skin tones or who often tan. 

The Sienna X 12 percent Professional Tanning Solution will provide your skin with long-lasting color and a bright shine.

The Tanning Solution contains Vitamin E, Organic Aloe Vera, and Avocado Extract, which work together to moisturize and soothe the skin while also protecting against the effects of aging. 

The products are devoid of parabens and alcohol, and there is no animal cruelty involved.

The Sienna tanning solution line also comes in several hues, so there’s guaranteed to be a great match for any skin tone.

  • Professional Tanning Solution Skinny Tan

We want to present you to Skinny Tan Professional Tanning Solution, one of the top professional tanning solutions on the market. Skinny Tan may be familiar to you from their appearance on Dragons’ Den when the judges fell in love! 

It’s only gone higher from then, and Skinny Tan is well-known for its incredible tanning variety in the salon business. And this item is no exception. Skinny Tan Professional Tanning Solution is a bronzing spray used in salons. This brand’s products are free of animal cruelty and vegan-friendly.

The recipe comprises 96 percent organically derived components to ensure the highest quality and amazing effects. Your customer will be unable to distinguish between a true tan and a Skinny Tan! With consistent results, this tanning product provides vibrant and luminous skin. Skinny Tan Professional Tanning Solution is available in two distinct colors at Salons Direct. Natural and medium are examples of this.

  • Ezitan Cube Spray Tanning Kit Su-Do

If you want to start giving tanning services in your salon, the Su-Do Ezitan Cube Spray Tanning Kit is a good place to start.

The Su-Do Ezitan Cube Spray Tanning Kit is one of the quietest kits on the market, so you won’t have to worry about annoying tanning machine noise in your salon. 

It’s also worth noting that Su-Do is one of the best spray tan brands in the professional tanning sector so that you can anticipate high-quality results.

This all-inclusive tanning kit includes everything you need to start giving your clients tanning services right now. You only need to plug it in and start tanning.

  • Starter Spray Machine & Gun Sienna X

Sienna not only specializes in tanning solutions, lotions, and mists, but they can also offer you the professional equipment you need to get started!

The Sienna X Starter Spray Machine & Gun is ideal for professionals who offer tanning services. 

The equipment is dependable, long-lasting, and capable of producing high-quality outcomes.

Whether you’re a professional who offers mobile tanning services or seeking salon equipment, the Sienna X starting Spray Machine & Gun can be set up and used anywhere.

  • Tanning Accelerator Pro Tan Instantly Black

The Pro Tan Instantly Black Tanning Accelerator is next on our list of the top tanning products for summer 2021. 

We apply this before tanning for the best results! This is a non-greasy, lightweight tanning booster that will give your clients rapid results. With this very effective product, your clients will be ultra-bronze and photo-ready!

The mix contains salon-quality ingredients that moisturize the skin upon application, ensuring that your clients’ golden glow lasts considerably longer. Calming ingredients are also included in the mix, which helps to relieve dry skin..


Good spray tans are the desire of everyone one whether it comes to men’s tans or vice versa. To find a location to get a tan in Dubai, Plush Tanning Salon Dubai presents you with four different locations of Motor City, Barsha Heights, Palm Jumeirah, DIFC, Dubai Silicon Osais, and Jumeirah Village Circle with full confidence of quality and reliability at the same time.

High-class tanning artists with experience and enthusiasm welcome you with full confidence.

So, Customers, what are you waiting for? Pick your phones up or visit us now, NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED!.



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