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You might be wondering why to pay for a spray on tan when you can get some vitamin D for free by going outside. While good spray tans are more expensive, they are significantly less expensive in possible sun damage, such as accelerated aging, black patches, sun spots, and even skin cancer.

Body tan spray, on the other hand, provides a natural-looking sunless tan. Unlike sun damage caused by UV radiation, spray tans are just temporary. DHA, the key component in sunless tanners, is generated from sugar (often beets) and combines with amino acids on the epidermis to brown it.

Bronzer is the other primary component in spray on tan, which you may detect minutes—or even seconds—after being sprayed. (The DHA is clear when applied and does not become brown till afterward.) “The bronzer acts as a color guide, indicating where the tan has been applied and giving you an indication of how you’ll appear after the DHA has fully grown,” experts adds.

“A typical spray on tan takes around 12 hours to set, while an accelerated tan can take significantly less time (anything from one to five hours), and both tans require about 24 hours to fully mature.” With all of this time and money invested, you’ll want to make sure your spray tan is even and long-lasting. That’s why we asked spray tan experts what you should avoid doing in the days and hours preceding up to your appointment.

Use no self-tanner

It’s difficult to be pasty when you’re used to a bronze glow but avoid the urge to apply self-tanner or even tinted moisturizer. These products might make your spray tan seem uneven and spotty as it fades.

After your spray tan, save your self-tanner. “A few days after a spray tan treatment, you may apply a self-tanner to extend the tan’s duration,” she explains. “If you opt to use a self-tanner over a spray tan, softly exfoliate some of your dead skin cells before applying the self-tanner, as this will help you get a more even color.”

Avoid having a laser treatment

A spray tan is never used after a laser-based skincare treatment, such as Fraxel. The tan will fade when the top few layers of the skin peel away. “Lasers may also leave dry regions or blotches on the skin,” she continues, “and the tanner will darken in these areas.” 

For these reasons, she advises delaying your spray tan until your skin has ceased peeling after your laser treatment. If your laser treatment was solely on your face, you could opt to have your body sprayed.

Plush Tan Women Beauty Salon

Plush Tan was founded in 1995 in the United States and has since extended around the world, including a few sites in the Middle East. The Salon offers stand-up booths and lie-down solarium beds for sunless spray tans and sunbed tanning. Plush Tan also has a line of skincare items to help moisturize your skin.

Choose between two best possible Offers

  • AED 95 for one full-body spray tan session
  • AED 245 for three full-body spray tanning sessions

Using a Versa Spa spray-tanning booth, Plush Tan bronzes clients’ skin from head to toe. Clients who want to keep their fresh sun-kissed look can schedule two further visits.


  • Before clients ever arrive at the tanning facility, there are initial steps in attaining a Sunless Tan. The skin should be washed, shaved, and exfoliated.
  • Before the session, avoid using moisturizers and lotions that aren’t specifically developed for sunless tanning.
  • Wearing fragrances or make-up that acts as a barrier to absorption should be avoided.
  • To the session, wear loose-fitting attire.

Plush Tan tanning facility sells nose plugs, lip balm, and other accessories.

Solarium Offers At Plush Tan

Choose Between Two Options

  • AED 129 for three sessions of full-body solarium tan
  • AED 199 for five sessions of full-body solarium tan

At Plush tanning salon, you get the blend of art and technology through our latest solariums specially designed for your body to give it the best possible tan.

You get to have too many options to choose from either you get the one-time tan in 129 AED for your full body, and in the other one, you can have an offer to come again three times for just Only 199 AED.

At Plush tanning salon, we give the most affordable and standardized tan for your body. Once you try the Plush tanning salon, we are positive that you will not want to give up on the services and ambiance of the Salon.

How Do I Make an Appointment at a Tanning Salon?

If you’re a visitor or new to tanning, determine what to do first, how to arrange an appointment, and where to go for the best results.

If you’re ready to rent a sunbed lounge or solarium Dubai, there’s no need to go further. Plush Tan Dubai is the ideal option if you’re looking for the best tanning salons in Dubai.

Men and women who wish to tan in a solarium can use Plush Tan’s body spray tanning services. We now have four locations in Dubai where you may get help.

The following areas are where we are located: 

  • Motor City 
  • Barsha Heights 
  • Jumeirah Palm
  • DIFC

As a result, whether you’re thinking about getting a tan in a sunbed or solarium in Dubai, we’re always delighted to help. We have the best equipment and labor at Plush Tan to guarantee comfort during the procedure. And at the end of it all, you’re pleased.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Make an appointment today to take advantage of huge discounts.



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