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Preventing the Spread With Plush Tan

The effects of COVID-19 on the world cannot be understated, the reactions and shift to this new normal has been a rough patch for most businesses, especially those that rely on the presence of their customers to work. The tanning in sun and beauty industry is just one of the biggest victims of the virus, with consumers being hesitant to come back to salons physically.

However, this may be a double-edged opportunity. More and more people are following their favorite influencers and finding their own DIY ways to achieve beauty at home. The growth and rise of beauty gurus and the like have been a big factor in sustaining the beauty industry, most importantly, the tanning industry.

Preventive Precautions

At Plush Tan, we are there to provide more than just a tan, we value your safety above anything else and want to create an engaging and clean environment to give you that confidence boost. As such, we have set a couple of recommended precautions and measures that will surely help you understand how we take care, not only of your skin but your health as well.

Managers and Maintenance

We ensure that an eye for safety starts right at the roots of our tree. We have highly qualified and highly responsible managers in place to guide, Desert safari Dubai deals assist and implement COVID-19 measures.

All of our staff have been trained and taught the proper ways of handling prevention and are more than ready to help you get that tan without worrying about the pesky virus. Our effective communication systems put in place allow us to properly network between branches and ensure that each of them are as up to code as ever. This means that regardless of where you are, each Plush Tan branch is assured safe and sanitized.

Customer Care

When it comes to our customers, we hold you and your health to a high regard. We make sure to implement the proper social distancing procedures alongside the regular cleaning and sanitizing of our machines and products.

Don’t be afraid to book a session with us now to get the best quality tanning in sun and beauty service without any of the risks. Each customer is treated with care and respect. We understand that, despite things opening up, it still may be daunting to visit your nearest salon but at Plush Tan, your worries can be put to rest and we make your skin look the best.

Home Health

Whether it’s in our many branches across Rent Yacht Dubai Marina or right at your own home, we ensure our products are the safest and highest quality they can be. Take home the tan with our DIY kits and get your own glow at home without having to worry about streaks or inconsistent color.

We know how great it can feel to discover and tan at home and with COVID locking everyone down, it seems much closer to be the safer choice. Most tanning salons pass up on those DIY offers but we are more than just your usual tanning salon. At Plush Tan, we value and appreciate your glow and we are more than willing to guide and help you get that effortlessly bronze tan without even leaving your home.



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