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Indoor Tanning in Dubai


Indoor tanning, also known as controlled tanning, is the only way to ensure that your skin receives the maximum amount of UV rays. Plush tan’s purpose is to make it easier and more responsible for appearing tanned and healthy. 

Indoor Tanning

We think that everything should be done in moderation. Thus, our goal is to deliver a perfectly balanced indoor tanning solution in Dubai utilizing the newest German ingredients to give you fresh, healthy-looking skin and long-lasting tanning results.

Take your quality of life to the next level.

You cannot regulate the quantity of sun exposure when you go to the beach for a peaceful sunbathing session. Don’t even think of taking a nap while listening to the waves crashing on the coast. 

This is something we’ve seen before: red on one side, white on the other. We feel that everything, notably the tanning process, should be managed at PLUSH TAN LOUNGE.

Relax in the Plush Tan salon’s beautiful environment. One of our Customer Advisors will have a brief conversation with you to understand your goals better and determine where you are in the tanning process.

The ideal technique to get your desired skin color and hue will be suggested. Yes, due to the latest indoor German tanning equipment: MegaSun by KBL and Ergoline, imported from Europe, you may even pick the hue of your tan.

Plush tanning salon for women & men is dedicated to elevating indoor tanning in Dubai to a new level of sophistication. The Plush tan equipment is likewise highly advanced, offering you a variety of entertainment alternatives as well as power plates to help you relax your tired muscles at the same time. 

Each of our indoor tanning beds comes with cutting-edge cooling technologies and may even emit sweetly scented air to soothe and relax your senses.

Booths for tanning

Customers may choose from two types of stand-up booths at the plush tanning salon for the ideal tan. They are the following:

Different wavelengths of light are used in UV light tanning. Compared to a tanning bed or sunbed, the booth allows you to move about more freely.

Spray tan: This paraben-free tanning solution is ideal for individuals who don’t want to use UV tanning equipment and want immediate results. Our automated booth will walk you through the whole session, and our customer service crew is highly qualified to assist you with shade selections as well as session and after-care advice.

Services for Spray Tanning

Spray tan Dubai treatments are available at our luxurious tanning salon located in various parts of Dubai that are fully safe for your tanning experience. We provide a wide range of tones to accommodate men tan and women tan with various skin tones.

Spray tanning is done in stand-up booths and takes only a few minutes to achieve the desired tan. These devices come with various nozzles and jets to spray your entire body. 

Our spray on tan is a healthy method to keep a beautiful bronzed hue that makes you look and feel great. These tanning treatments are both safe and beneficial to your health.

Our discreet, warm, automated in-salon spray tanning booth assists you in achieving an even, full-body tan. It’s always a good moment to get tanned, whether it’s for a wedding, date, vacation, or just because you deserve it.

  • Multiple bronzer hues to complement each tanner’s unique skin tone
  • Amazing, ground-breaking technology helps minimize the terrible orange glow and stink associated with spray tanners.
  • Gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and non-comedogenic.

Customer Satisfaction

Soft scents, energetic music, and helpful personnel will meet you as you enter the Plush tanning salon. Enjoy a brief session in one of our outstanding solariums before returning to life with a stroll along the Marina Walk.

Our Solariums include cutting-edge features like cooling mist, ergonomic shape to better suit and tan your entire body, surround sound, and even scent! Not to mention that our Solariums come in a wide range of styles; far from being a mishmash, each has been chosen carefully to work in tandem to achieve the ideal tan.

We also do men tan services to not feel left behind. To be healthy, one’s lifestyle, like one’s body, requires perfect balance.

Important Advantages of Tan

The major benefit of tanning is that it improves one’s appearance. However, get tanning in a controlled setting with trained professionals ensures you won’t be exposed to the sun’s damaging rays. A solarium Dubai is essential if you wish to keep it secure.

Getting the ideal tan might also help you feel more confident in your skin. You feel better when you look well, which may have a favorable influence on your daily life. If you’re going to a social function and want to look your best, or if you’ve been sick or stuck indoors and need a boost of color, tanning is a good idea.

Another advantage is that you can tan your entire body. There are several modesty and dress rules in Dubai. This might affect your ability to get the ideal tan on occasion. A solarium for tanning can help you get a full-body tan. This is especially true whether you choose a body spray tanning or a lie-down tan in a private environment.

Branches of Plush Tan Salon

The answer to the best tanning salon near me is the Plush Tan salon, which operates in multiple locations across Dubai to facilitate our customers. You can access any of our branches with access to your shortest routes.

Plush Tan Salon is now open at:

Motor city 

Barsha Heights

Palm Jumeirah 


Dubai Silicon Oasis

Jumeirah Village Circle


If you plan to get body spray tanning,  visit your nearest Plush Tan salon branch and give your body the best body tan spray to nail your looks daily.



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