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How To Clean Eyelash Extensions The Right Way

What’s the first thing to do when you want to have a beautiful eyelash extension on you? Start searching for eyelash extensions near me to find the right eyelash salon for yourself! Well, if you live in Dubai, finding an eyelash salon would not be a problem but figuring out which has the best eyelash extensions in Dubai would be a tough task because literally, There are hundreds of places that sell eyelash extensions in Dubai.

However, today our focus is more on what would happen next after finding the best eyelash salon and having the best eyelash extensions in Dubai on your eyes. Well, the next step would be to clean them so they could last longer. 

We understand that cleaning an eyelash extension could be a tough task and you have to be careful as you don’t want to mess them up, but you can lay off the factor of being worried now because we have got all the tips that would help you clean your eyelash extensions in the right way! 

Tips To Clean Eyelash Extensions In The Right Way 

Take a look at the following tips before you plan on rushing back to the eyelash salon to remove your eyelash extensions. With these tips, you could do it yourself and that too in the right way; 

  • Removing Makeup Is Essential

Obviously, when you use an eyelash extension there would be makeup on your eyes and with time, your eyelashes could also have a little residue because of that. So, the first tip we have for you to preserve your eyelashes would be to use an oil-free makeup remover and use it gently over your lashes to clean away all makeup residue, dirt, and face oils.

Please note that the important thing is to make sure you use an oil-free remover because if you would use one with the oil, it might damage the adhesive bond on your extension and your beautiful eyelashes might start to break off.

  • Cotton Pad is a Big No! 

While most makeup artists suggest using cotton pads to clean makeup off your face, you must make sure while cleaning your eyelash extension, you avoid them completely. Otherwise, you might have to start searching for eyelash extensions near me and do it all over again. 

The reason why we are against using cotton pads for your eyelash extensions is that your extensions are too delicate, and cotton pads might rip them off. The key is to always use a spoolie or your fingers to apply the remover to your extensions. And then once it is applied, dab the extension lightly with tissue to ensure all the makeup is off. 

  • Avoid Mascara or Liner

This is more of a tip for taking care of your lashes and keeping them clean throughout the use than cleaning them after. Most users make this mistake and even though no matter how many eyelashes salon workers suggest avoiding it, they still do it. And that mistake is applying mascara or eyeliner after applying for eyelash extensions.

The problem with these is as you would apply them, they might look good but when it’s time to remove your makeup, removing mascara and eyeliner is one of the most difficult tasks. Moreover, cleaning them could harm your eyelash extensions and you might end up wasting all the money you had just spent getting the best eyelash extension in Dubai.

  • Replace Your Pillowcase 

Talking about taking care of your eyelash extensions and making sure they are not damaged, have you thought about the pillow you sleep on? Well, if not, you must. Your eyes would be striking against your pillow while sleeping. If you are using traditional pillowcases made of cotton or poly, you would be risking damage to your eyelash extension. 

It could tug into your pillowcase and might rip off. So, to avoid such mishaps, the best solution is to replace your pillowcases altogether. In our opinion, using a silk or satin pillowcase is the best way to go. Not only would they protect your eyelashes from damage but also would help you to sleep better. 

  • Eyelash Extension Cleanser 

If you have got makeup dust on your eyelash extensions and are finding it difficult to remove through the makeup remover, the next best option would be to use an eyelash extension cleanser. Make sure to use the one that is recommended by your eyelash salon and does not have acetone as it might harm your natural eyelashes. 

Also, you should know that as we mentioned above, you are not allowed to use a cotton pad on your eyelash extension. So, the process of cleaning your eyelash extensions is different. Start by applying the cleanser on a fluffy eyelash brush and apply it around the eyelash extension to help get rid of the makeup. Also, please note that you need to be gentle because you have to protect your eyelash extensions. 

Once you are done applying the cleanser, rinse it off with clean water. Finally, take a dry tissue and dab it on your eyelash extensions to dry them and make sure they don’t fall off. 


Eyelash extension is a fancy trend and might require a lot of work but the way you look after applying one makes it all worth it. The purpose is to add volume to your eyes and give you a bold and bright look. If you have been looking for an eyelash salon where you could find the best eyelash extension in Dubai, you need to look no further. Take a look at Plush Tan and we assure you we will provide you best eyelash extensions you would find.
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