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Different Types of Spray Tan


We all are aware of the damage that conventional methods of tanning do to our body. Tanning our skin by laying down under the bright sky can lead to several skin problems such as dryness, wrinkles, and decolorized skin spots (or sun spots) on the body. New ways to tan are easier, less time taking, efficient, and do not have any adverse effects on the body. You can get a darker tan to flaunt your figure in the public.

New ways to tan include bed tan, which refers to tanning procedures done inside a tanning salon.  These days artificial body tan sprays are available to tan your body. These body tan sprays contain the compound dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This compound when sprayed on the skin gets absorbed into the skin cells, making them darker.

Types Of Spray Tans

In this article, we will be discussing how many types of body tan spray are available these days and which tan spray will be best for you. 

  • Tanning at Home

If you are uncomfortable going to a tanning salon, or you don’t have one in your close vicinity, you can try tanning at home. There are ready-to-use sprays that contain DHA. You can use these sprays to have a darker tan at home. 

One of the disadvantages of spray tanning at home is the formation of tan streaks. This is caused when the mist is not evenly distributed on the body. 

  • Spray Tanning Booths

You can also go to a spray tanning salon for body tan spray. These salons have special booths fitted with machines to spray mist on your body. These machines automatically calculate the suitable amount of spray on the body so there is no need for a technician to be available in the booth. This method of spray tanning provides extra privacy to the customer so you can take off all your clothes if needed

The darker tan which results from this procedure lasts for about 25 to 30 days. This method of tanning is a bit more expensive because of the high maintenance costs of the machinery and the set-up costs of these booths.

  • Airbrush Tanning

All the synthetic spray tanning procedures work on the same principle i.e., the ability of DHA to get absorbed into body cells and darken them. As the name suggests, airbrush tanning uses a simple brush to evenly distribute the spray over the body. These types of bed tan sprays require the help of a worker. He works to move the brush all over the body to evenly divide the spray.

The darker tan, after the procedure, can be visible after about 12 hours. This tan remains for about a week or two. So, you have to get the procedure done again after about 15 days to renew the darker color.

Avoid constant rubbing and shaving the skin as it can also shave off the external cell layer which contains DHA.

  • HVLP Tanning Machines

HVLP refers to High volume low-pressure tanning machines. These machines are more efficient in tanning procedures because of their functionality. These machines are commonly found in commercial tanning salons.

The total time consumed by these machines for the complete procedure is about 40 minutes. This makes a very even and a moderate layer of tanning spray all over the skin. 

These machines also require a technician for their operation. They are called ‘more efficient and intelligent” because they spray a very even layer of the DHA. This evenness makes the tan looks so smooth and almost natural.

Which Type of Spray Tan Best Suits You?

There are several things you should keep in mind without selecting the type of spray tan for your body. These factors mainly affect the shade or color of the tan you should use.

1. Your clothes color combination means if you love wearing bright colors such as orange, red, and yellow, then you should go for medium to darker tones. If the case is the opposite i.e., you love wearing darker colors such as black, green, and maroon, then you should go for lighter golden shades that give a cool glow to your skin.

2. DHA percentage- DHA is the main component in the spray tans which decide the final color of the skin. A lower percentage of DHA in the spray will result in lighter shades of skin tan. A higher percentage of DHA in the spray (more than 15% in most cases) will result in darker skin tan.


The most important part of having this tanning procedure done is the preparation and the analysis of your skin. Take advice from a friend or someone who knows about tanning because it is not just about spraying a layer of dihydroxyacetone over your body. It is a proper mechanism to decide how much concentration of DHA will work best for your body.

Never experiment with these things because your skin is not a thing to play with, it is a very delicate sheet of cells so consult the best in business before having such a procedure. Get tan now.



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