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What Is Trending Skincare 2022?

If you are a woman who often sees herself looking out for beauty services or keeps on searching for beauty salons near me, then we are guessing you are pretty serious about your beauty and care. From skincare to haircare, beauty is all about treating yourself with care and delicacy. 

If you have been following the latest beauty trends, you would know that this year is all about complementing your skin and taking care of it as much as possible. A huge variety of new beauty services have evolved just under the domain of skincare and we can’t get enough of them. 

We have been following all the skincare trends since the beginning of this year, and we are here to share all that information with you today, let’s get started; 

You Need To Follow These Latest Skincare Trends of 2022

Here are a few latest skincare trends of 2022 that you must follow. All these trends have been practiced in our society to help us glow our skin and make it feel refreshed. It is the year to celebrate our skins, and these trends are just little ornaments to this celebration. Take a look; 

  • Spray Tan 

If you have been following the 2022 skincare trends, you would know that the highlight of this year has been spray tan. This is one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to get sunless tanning, and that too with no prominent side effects. So, you can have a smoking warm body without worrying about getting harmed at all. 

Spray tan usually works by sending the person into a tanning booth where there are sprinklers installed. Once the client is all set to be tanned, the sprinklers splash a tanning chemical all over their body and the process is repeated for both sides (front and back) based on your requirements. After a few minutes of getting sprayed, you can see the beautiful tan on your body and can go flaunting it over a beach trip. 

  • UV Tan

If you like to have that tanning look on your body, you must follow this UV Tan trend that has been going on around TikTok and Instagram. People all over the internet have been getting themselves on one of these UV tan beds and getting themselves all warmed up for the summer. 

It is basically similar to a natural tan because naturally the sun also transmits the UV rays that eventually cause the human body to tan. However,  with this artificial process, you won’t have to sit in the sun for hours waiting to have the tanning look you want. All, you need to do is look up a beauty salon near me that facilitates UV Tan services and lay on the special UV bed for a little while. And there, when you would lay up, you would have a perfect tan around your body. 

Also, please note that how long the tan would last depends on the timings of the session and the pressure you have chosen. On average, from a low-pressure tanning bed, your tan is supposed to last for around 8-10 days before you would need another session. 

  • Hydrafacials 

Even though hydrafacials have been there for a while, they have been rising as we are getting more into 2022. At first, people were concerned about getting such treatments because they fear that it might damage their skin more than treating it, but well, that’s just a misconception. 

Hydrafacial is one of the safest skin care treatments that helps you to get rid of the dead skin cells from your skin and get glowing skin from underneath. It is one of the most demanding beauty services of 2022 because of the promising results that it has been showing. 

Also, unlike other fancy beauty treatments, hydrafacials are non-invasive which means there are no chances of harm. It is basically a combination of cleansing, extraction, hydration, exfoliation, and protection for your skin. It brings back a softer glowing skin by adding moisturizing serums into your skin. Moreover, it has been rated to be one of the most soothing beauty treatments of all time. 


  • The Permanent Makeup 

Are you tired of putting up an eyeliner, preparing your lips, and getting your brows done every time you have to get out? Have you ever wondered what if there was a way in which you could get it all done permanently and would never have to stand in front of the mirror struggling with the right eyeliner application? 

Well, your wishes have been answered because 2022 is the year in which permanent makeup is up on the trend. You can get permanent eyeliner, brows, and even lips just the way you like them. Now, you will not have to worry about reapplying your make-up every now and then. However, make sure you are 100% certain about the style you choose because you will have to live with it for a while. So, find a beauty salon that holds expertise in such beauty services so there’s no risk of things going wrong. 


All in all, you need to take care of your skin as much as you could, because your skin represents yourself as a person. It is time we think more about taking care of our skin and take a little time off our busy routine to look after it. You need to keep on looking up the internet to look after all the latest trends in skincare for the year. 

If you have been looking for getting any of these beauty services done for yourself, take a look at Plush Tan, here, we make sure our clients are up to date when it comes to following the latest trend. We provide beauty services from tanning to permanent makeup and all at very reasonable packages. If you have been looking for a beauty salon near me often, now you know where to take a look, right!



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