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What is Brow Lamination? Let’s Talk About It!


I’m positive that by now, you’ve heard, read, or visible something approximately Brow Lamination. It’s one of the largest developments we’ve visible in eyebrow artistry withinside the previous few years. You are probably seeing laminated brows anywhere you go, however, I’ll forgive you for now no longer understanding precisely what I’m talking about.

Lamination is often a term used for stationery, right?

Brow Lamination is a brow service that is designed to create thick, bushy, brushed-up brows which you would possibly have visible on style fashions or Instagram influencers. This unique appearance is created with a couple of beauty merchandise – pencils, soaps, gels, or sprays – and has grown to be extraordinarily popular, sending us all on a quest for fuller, thicker brows.

How does Brow Lamination work?

Brow Lamination is a treatment that reshapes your natural brows. Much like a lash lift, we loosen up the bonds withinside the forehead hairs so that we will manipulate their direction, after which set them into a brand new position – for example, brushed up like the ones bronzed babes on Instagram! This approach that we’re capable of alter in which the hairs take a seat down, to cowl gaps, create a more potent arch, or growth the peak of our brows.

Laminating your brows makes them a great deal less difficult to fashion. The hairs aren’t completely cemented into a brand new position, however, honestly grow to be greater flexible. You might be capable of combing them into something form you’d like, and they may live there! Over time, because the forehead hairs grow, they may regularly go back to their regular position, and you may want to apply greater styling merchandise to keep your appearance at some point of the day. After eight-10 weeks, you may have your brows laminated again.

The Brow Lamination carrier commonly additionally consists of shaping with wax and tweezers and coloring the brows with both tint or dye. Your brows will appear amazing, even with no make-up at all! As the manner is so much like a lash lift, the aftercare is genuinely the same! Keep your brows dry and far far from heat, steam, and sweat for the primary 24 hours, and make certain you nourish them each day with a forehead remedy oil or serum to maintain the hair tender and healthy.

Eyebrow Style Options

There’s pretty a chunk of pliability with the fashion of your Brow Lamination. They don’t all need to appear the same! You can maintain your brows searching full, or you may choose the greater texture and spiky drama. My favorite Brow Lamination appearance is a full, smooth, curved forehead: traditional and beautiful. Once you go away from the salon, you may make modifications to how your brows take a seat down whilst you are styling them. Brush them up, or maintain them smooth – it’s completely as much as you!

What are the dangers of Brow Lamination?

Like any aesthetic remedy, there are a few dangers concerned with Brow Lamination. The important worries are:

Sensitivity – Some customers may also enjoy a few pores and skin sensitivity to the goods we use for the lamination manner.

Hair loss – If you’re after a greater severe appearance, this could place an excessive amount of strain on the man or woman’s forehead hairs. Too a great deal of pressure can reason them to fall out earlier than their ordinary cycle, which may bring about a few gaps on your brows. To keep away from this, speak your alternatives together with your stylist and concentrate on their advice. They will understand precisely how some distance they could control your brows without inflicting damage.

It’s additionally crucial to look ahead to no less than eight weeks among laminations. Having it carried out too quickly can overprocess the hair and, grow to be frizzy, or fall out.

Can everybody have it carried out?

Maximum humans are appropriate for Brow Lamination until you’re:

Pregnant/breastfeeding. This is simply due to the fact the effects are greater unpredictable and might not remain because of hormone fluctuations. Also, must you’ve got got a response, the remedy you may get entry to is limited.

Experiencing hyper-touchy pores and skin, or a preceding response to a lash lift. You’re more likely to have a response to the remedy, so it’s first-rate to keep away from it.

Using/taking any medicinal drug that impacts the pores and skin (along with Roaccutane or Retin-A). In the first-rate-case scenario, your pores and skin might be sensitized afterward. Worst case scenario? You may also enjoy sizeable hair loss and chemical burns in your pores and skin.

Brows that have been lightening with bleach, weak, or sparse, additionally must keep away from Brow Lamination. If you’re the user of a forehead increase remedy, it’s a very good concept to prevent the usage of it approximately 2 weeks earlier than your Lamination.


If you’d want to have your brows laminated through our proficient forehead stylists at Plush Tan, go to our Beauty Services web page to choose which service you want.



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