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What are Tanning Treatments?


A tanning treatment changes the color of your skin to make it appear as though you’ve been equally exposed to the sun and have a “healthy” tan. A body tan spray in a booth or tent or applying a lotion or cream by hand are the most common methods of applying fake tan at a spa.

There are many different types of tanning treatments, but the goal is the same: to make you seem like you’ve been sunbathing, evenly, without burning, peeling, strap marks, or melanomas… which is always a plus!

Benefits of tanning treatments

A tanning treatment can color your skin golden brown in a fraction of the time it would normally take. It’s also, in general, a healthier approach to tan than laying out in the sun for long periods.

Many of us, especially in the Dubai feel compelled to sit and enjoy it when we see the sun! The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can be beneficial to our health: the light and warmth can make us feel relaxed and sensuous, as well as stimulate endorphin production, giving us a natural “high.” UV rays also aid in the production of vitamin D, which is required for strong bones and scar tissue repair.

However, there is a distinction between sun exposure and tanning. The sun can be beneficial; however, tanning in the sun is not. If you tan in the sun, you risk becoming sunburned and developing skin cancer.

Pro advise for you!

Exfoliate completely to remove all dead and rough skin, allowing you to get a more even skin tone. After exfoliating, take a long shower to ensure that you’ve removed all traces of apricot stone or other purifying grit! 

Pre-tanning suggestions are available at our spas to ensure that your skin is in the greatest possible condition to tan quickly and evenly. These treatments are also likely to extend the life of your tan. Try a salt and oil scrub or mud or algae wrap, both relaxing and rejuvenating.

Tanning treatments in Market

There are different methods and treatments available for tanning in the market today. These include Spray tanning with Machine and indoor solarium sunbeds in Dubai.

  • Indoor tanning

Indoor tanning, also known as controlled tanning, is the only way to ensure your skin gets the most UV rays. The goal of Plush tan is to make tanning process healthy and simpler.

When you go to the beach for a relaxing sunbathing session, you can’t control how much sun you get. Consider not napping while listening to the waves pounding on the shore.

Each indoor tanning bed is equipped with cutting-edge cooling technology and may even generate delightfully scented air to help you rest and unwind.

  • Sunbeds

The goal of utilizing a sunbed for cosmetic purposes is to get a tan. The tanning effect was demonstrated and measured in research that followed a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protocol with three weekly exposures for eight weeks. 

After six exposures, a considerable tanning effect was seen, and the level of tan rose consistently during the 8-week evaluation period. Another research showed tanning after six weeks of twice-weekly exposure.

Commercial sunbeds were first introduced in the 1970s and became popular in the 1990s.

As a result, the full health consequences of artificial tanning remain unknown. Due to the long induction period of skin cancer, it will take several years before the true picture of the involvement of sunbeds in generating skin cancer emerges.

The word “sunbed” is used throughout this Opinion to refer to all forms of UV tanning equipment used for aesthetic reasons.

The solarium Dubai is an artificial tanning salon with beds surrounded by tanning lights that consistently provide flawless tans. With the greatest services and tanning professionals, the Plush tan salon is the perfect location for skin tanners.

  • Body tan spray

Spray tans are still as subtle and beautiful as they were in the past. Suppose you pick a professional spray tan artist and follow the required preparation and after-care recommendations. In that case, you’ll finish up with natural and delightfully sun-kissed skin.

  • Solarium

A solarium is a room made entirely of glass, except for the wall connecting it to the house’s rest. A solarium will frequently have a glass ceiling. Solariums are meant to let as much sunlight into the room and may be used as a little greenhouse during the winter months. Solariums in the past were generally draughty and leaky. 

Still, contemporary design technology has addressed these issues while making significant advances in glass innovation. Glass panels today block damaging UV rays while also reflecting the often-excessive heat created.

What can you anticipate from a tanning session?

A safer technique to create an even tan is to use self-tanning creams, oils, sprays, and lotions. Professional tanning products like Fake Bake, St Tropez, Sienna-X, and Xen-Tan are available at many spas. 

The self-tanner is administered as a spray or rubbed over your skin by hand as part of a spa treatment. Your tanning treatment will take place in the privacy of a treatment room in any case. Your therapist will show you various colors, so you may pick one that matches your skin tone.

Prepare your skin the day before your treatment to assist your fake tan seems even. Waxing should be done at least 24 hours ahead of time. Exfoliation of the entire body is essential, as is moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated. Do not shave or use items like moisturizer or deodorant on the day of your treatment. Because self-tanner stains, painting your nails is also a good idea.

Locations of Plush Tan Salon

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