UV Tan Motor City

Plush Tan Salon Motor City

Highly anticipated tanning services make Plush tan salon Dubai the most

exotic place for your skin tanning. Try a mystic tan booth for a quick

and easy Bed tan, or lay down in one of our sunbeds to achieve that

natural-looking tan at Plush Tan Salon Dubai!

Our Tanning Salon

No matter your preferred method, you’ll go home with the same results:

evenly distributed, natural-looking colour, and no orange tinting.

We provide expert tanning advice on how best to prepare for your tan,

We also answer questions ranging from what to wear to minimizing

streaks and fading. We only use premium products in our tanning lounges.

All over, our skincare lines are Australian-made and organic-based,

ensuring the minor irritation possible.  All of our staff are trained in

providing hygienic spray tans that look natural and customized

to suit all skin types.

MegaSun T200 pureEnergy

With our MegaSun T200 PureEnergy vertical solarium, you’ll discover a new way to tan. You may save space without sacrificing the quality of your tan. You may get an incredible body tan with a simple and basic control panel in spray tan motor city. With VibraNano, colorMotion, and bodyCool technology, our standing machines have the same power and quality as our P9 series, keeping your tan streak-free and healthy.

MegaSun P9 Series

MegaSun is a one-of-a-kind flagship solarium series in high demand in Dubai’s tanning salons. It’s a beautiful design that’s supported by cutting-edge technology. The P9 tanning bed range was created to form and function best. All activities required for a successful tanning session are included in its sleek, beautiful appearance, especially when searching for sunbeds near me.

Prestige 1100-S Ergoline

The Ergoline Prestige 1100-S can help you get a gorgeous, deep body tan in UV tan Motor City. The 52 UV lights and cutting-edge facial tanning equipment in this luxurious solarium ensure that your tan is as beautiful as it is elegant. The Climatronic Plus acrylic panels at the sunbed’s head and foot are designed for comfort, ensuring that the customer’s chosen comfort temperatures are maintained throughout the tanning process.

IntelliSun MegaSun 7900 Alpha

With a sleek and inconspicuous appearance, our MegaSun 7900 alpha IntelliSun solarium sparkles like a beautifully polished diamond, delivering the most modern sunbed technology for the most stunning spray-on tan. Customers may enjoy intelligent tanning with the intelliSun technology for sunbed Dubai services. Our sunbeds’ AquaCool technology helps your skin cool down with gentle, unnoticeable mist sprays after each session.