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Plush Tan, located in Barsha Heights, Dubai, is your destination for total

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finest salon and spa services and products are available today. Whether

you are looking for a day of relaxation or have specific skincare

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We offer the most advanced skin treatments available led by our expertly

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our expert staff pampers you with the latest beauty treatments.

Whether you’re looking for a leg wax or a  relaxing massage in

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We offer fantastic tanning services, lash extensions, and a wide

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MegaSun 7900 Alpha IntelliSun

The MegaSun 7900 Alpha IntelliSun solarium sparkles like a finely polished diamond with a sleek and unobtrusive design that delivers the most advanced sunbed technology for the most incredible spray-on tan. Experience intelligent tanning with intelliSun technology, giving you complete control of your skin during each session. Our sunbeds’ AquaCool technology gives you moderate, undetectable mist sprays after each session. This helps your skin cool down before the next intense heat boost, in sync with our pulsating UVB technology, generating an even, longer-lasting tropical tan.

T200 PureEnergy

With the T200 PureEnergy, you can tan in the comfort of your home and still enjoy the advanced technology of our P9 series. Featuring the same power and quality as our P9 series, our T200 PureEnergy offers a simple control panel for ease of use and has no side doors so that it can save space in your home. Additionally, VibraNano technology, colorMotion illumination and body cool technology maintain your tan streak-free and healthy. Our T200 vertical solarium will bring the highest quality and safety to your tanning sessions. It features VibraNano, colorMotion, and body cool technology with a simple and basic control panel.

MegaSun P9 Series

MegaSun is a one-of-a-kind flagship solarium series in high demand in Dubai’s tanning salons. It’s a beautiful design that’s supported by cutting-edge technology. The P9 tanning bed range was created to form and function in mind. All activities required for a successful tanning session are included in its sleek, beautiful appearance. There’s something for everyone, from a creative and easy control system in the sunbed machine to additional lights to produce an even, tan glow.

Ergoline Prestige 1200/1400

The Ergoline Prestige 1200/1400 is a solarium sunbed of the future in both energy efficiency and environmentally friendly without losing tan quality. There’s something for everyone looking for the most delicate spray tan machine near me, offering high-quality tans with an emphasis on Eco Technology and innovative performance features that enhance the tan’s colour and richness, from a creative and simple control system to extra lights to produce an even tan glow.