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megasun 7900 Alpha Deluxe
Ergoline Prestige 1100

MegaSun 7900 Alpha IntelliSun

OurMegaSun 7900 alpha IntelliSunsolarium sparkles like a finely polished diamond with a sleek and unobtrusive design that delivers the mostadvanced sunbed technology for the most incredible spray on tan. TheintelliSun technology for sunbed Dubai services allows customers to experience intelligent tanning machine. With moderate, undetectable mist sprays aftereach session, our sunbeds’ AquaCool technology helps your skin cool down.

UV Tan Machine

Plush Tan is an exquisite tanning salon working to give you the best sunbed tanning machine experience in the town. We have all types of tanning facilities, services and ambience, including full body spray tan, sunbed machine, and bed tan that you can’t get anywhere in the city. We offer you tanning which is not harmful, does not have UV radiations or side effects. After having tan from Plush tanning salon, you will get more vibrant, beautiful and younger-looking skin, and you will surely fall in love with yourself all over again.

Facial System Made of Glass

Our solarium filter discs and glass reflectors are carefully coated in this facial tanner: face and décolleté tanning comfort at their best with the help of glass made facial system in sunbeds.
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Easy control

During the tanning session, all main functions of this solarium are simple to use. It’s well-organized and intuitive way of sunbed tanning.
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Control System Intelligence

Customers can have intuitive function control before their tanning session with the help of this feature. Operators have easy access to maintenance and service settings.
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Charging Without Wires

During tanning sessions, all compatible cellphones will be charged wirelessly with the help of wireless charging feature in sunbed lounge.
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