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Tanning Salon Blogs


The Definitive Guide to Brow Lamination

The cutting edge innovations made with brow lamination has truly helped women across the world achieve those perfect brows. It’s all down to how lamination creates gorgeously full brows with […]


Rainbow Sunbeds: Feel The Glow

Our skin is composed of layers which all serve different purposes. From absorbing nutrients like Vitamin D and providing protection against environmental influences, the skin does a lot of hard […]


Preventing the Spread With Plush Tan

The effects of COVID-19 on the world cannot be understated, the reactions and shift to this new normal has been a rough patch for most businesses, especially those that rely […]


P9 HybridSun: Sleek and Subtle

Designed in collaboration with Studio F.A, the MegaSun P9 HybridSun is made to fascinate, tan and more! With a Matrix Lightshow that can dazzle even those new to tanning, this […]