Egroline Prestige 1100
Ergoline Prestige 1100

Ergoline Prestige 1100-S

The Ergoline Prestige 1100-S will assist you in achieving that beautiful, deep body tan. This exquisitesolarium’s52 UV lamps and latest facial tanning technology ensure that your tan is as beautiful as it is elegant. The ClimatronicPlus acrylic panels at the sunbed’s head and foot are intended for comfort, maintaining the customer’s selected comfort temperatures throughout the tanning process.

UV Tan Machine

Get the beach body look for less, with sunbeds tanning and sun shower tanning at Tanning salon includes solarium, bed tans, and full-body tan. Find out more about our range of sunbeds from stand-up tanning beds to combo and lay-down models. At Plush Tan, become sun-kissed with a trip to this tanning. Which includes a solarium, sunbed lounges, and standing tanning beds.


You can use Bluetooth to link your smartphone to the solarium. Also, while sunbathing, you can listen to a piece of personalized music.
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Selecting Light

In the body area, there are four particularly coordinated spectral combinations for tan. For instance, hybridSun, smartSun, beatuySun, and extraSun.
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Beauty Booster

We’ve increased the efficiency of our Beauty Booster by 16 percent thanks to a new chipset and a better lens. In addition to improved performance, we improved the lighting image by employing unique diffusing lenses.
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Amazing Tans

Solarium Roads with high quality that will tan you instead of giving you a burn. This advancement is now available in all existing megaSun solariums, ensuring the best possible outcome.
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