tanning salon

MegaSun 4800 Tanning Machine

The MegaSun 4800 series of solariums has a beautiful design built for

practicality. They provide the best sunbed tanning experience possible. The

top-of-the-line solarium employs pigment tubes to get the perfect, skin-safe

tan while simultaneously supplying the body with adequate Vitamin D.

There’s something for everyone, from a simple and intuitive control

system to extra lights to provide an even tan glow.

UV Tan Machine

Plush Tan is a luxurious tanning clinic dedicated to providing you with the

most extraordinary sunbed tanning experience in town. We offer a wide

variety of tanning facilities, services, and atmosphere that you won’t find

anyplace else in town. We provide you with non-harmful tanning free of UV

rays and adverse effects. You will have more vivid, gorgeous, and younger

appearing skin after having a tan from Plush tanning salon, and you will

undoubtedly fall in love with yourself all over again.


On our client’s request, the air can be aromatized during tanning in this stand-up sunbed Tan.


Two innovative, drip-free jets deliver a refreshing and invigorating water mist. This allows the tan to equally spread on your body.

Tan X-tra

Modern high-pressure systems provide even and intense tanning in the shoulder region. This advancement is now accessible in all existing megaSun solariums, ensuring the best possible outcome.

HyperRed BeautyBooster

We’ve increased the efficiency of our Beauty Booster by 16 percent thanks to a new chipset and a better lens. In addition to improved performance of sunbed tan, we improved the lighting image by employing unique diffusing lenses.