bed tan near me

MegaSun 6800 Alpha Hurricane

This collection of sunbed machine beds is multipurpose, attractive, and

practical. The MegaSun 6800 Alpha Hurricane is wreaking havoc on the

industry of tanning bed around me. You may listen to your favorite music

while getting the perfect tan, thanks to a comprehensive and

straightforward user control panel that provides the ultimate tranquil

tanning experience. For the best tan in sunbeds near me in Dubai,

go to any Plush Tan branch.

UV Tan Machine

Kick back and relax with our full-body tan! Get a realistic glow without

premature aging or cancer. Plush Tan offers the best indoor tanning

technology, including solarium, sunbed machine tans, full-body tan,

and much more. Plush Tan provides all your tanning needs, from a fully

equipped solarium to bed tans, whole body, and spray-on tans;

we have something for everyone.

Selecting Light

In the body area, there are four particularly coordinated spectral combinations: HybridSun, SmartSun, BeatuySun, and ExtraSun.

Led Lights Tan

2400 matrix lights to give you a disco feel while you enjoy your tan.

Beauty Booster

We’ve increased the efficiency of our Beauty Booster by 16 percent thanks to a new chipset and a better lens. In addition to improved performance, we improved the lighting image by employing unique diffusing lenses.

Exclusive mist control

Have some taste of the executive mist that you can turn on with a touch of a button.