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Our Tanning Machines

Restore hydrated silkiness to your skin! Enjoy our luxury body and skin

treatments for that radiating healthy glow that is soft to the touch. Our

sessions are carefully balanced for a deep replenishing cleanse, taking away

the  veneer of dryness to restore the hydrated silkiness of your skin.

Our MegaSun solariums ensure a healthy all around UV tan glow that

is sure to not only impress.

Solarium Machines

MegaSun P9 Series

MegaSun’s is a distinctive flagship series of solariums and a demand in tanning salon in Dubai. It is an awe-inspiring design paired with astonishingly effective technology. The P9 series sunbed tanning is built on form and function. Its sleek, stylish design houses all of the features needed to achieve the ideal tanning experience. From a clever and straightforward control system in sunbed machine.

MegaSun 7900 Alpha IntelliSun

Our MegaSun 7900 alpha IntelliSun solarium shines like a highly polished diamond, with a sleek and discreet design that gives the most modern sunbeds technology for the best spray on tan. Customers may enjoy an intelligent tanning experience with the intelliSun technology for sunbed dubai services. Our sunbeds AquaCool technology helps your skin to chill off with gentle.

MegaSun 6800 Alpha Hurricane

This range of sunbed tanning are multifunctional, beautiful, and efficient. The MegaSun 6800 Alpha is causing a storm in the tanning beds near me business. With a simple and extensive user control panel that delivers the ideal peaceful tanning experience, you may listen to your favourite music while obtaining that stunning tan. Visit any of Plush Tan branch for greatest tan in sunbeds near me in Dubai.

MegaSun 4800

The MegaSun 4800 line of solariums features an elegant design that is developed for utility. They provide the greatest tanning experience available in sunbed. The top-of-the-line solarium uses pigment tubes to get that ideal, skin-safe tan while also providing the body with healthy quantities of Vitamin D. From a clever and straightforward control system to additional lights to create an equal, tan glow.

Ergoline Prestige 1100-S

The Ergoline Prestige 1100-S will help you achieve that gorgeously rich tan. The 52 UV lights and modern facial tanning technologies in this sophisticated solarium ensure that your tan is as gorgeous as it is elegant. The Climatronic Plus acrylic panels at the head and foot of the sunbed are designed for comfort and maintain the customer’s preferred temperatures consistent throughout the tanning process.

Ergoline Prestige 1200/1400

The next generation of solarium sunbeds that are both energy efficient and ecological without sacrificing tan quality. The Ergoline Prestige 1200/1400 provides high-quality tans with an emphasis on Eco Technology and clever performance technologies that improve the tan’s colour and vibrancy. From a clever and straightforward control system to additional lights to create an equal, tan glow.