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Spray Tans before Wedding


Are you thinking about getting a spray tan for your wedding?

Nice idea!!! Before your wedding, a pretty sunless glow can highlight your gown, even out your skin tone, brighten your eyes, and make your bridal makeup pop up! 

Difference A Spray Tan Can Bring

A spray tan, when done correctly, is the secret trick that adds sparkle to your bridal beauty routine with an amazing legs tan and body tan that enhances your beauty.

You’ve planned every detail of your wedding, including finding something blue, perfecting your makeup look, and perfecting all of your bridesmaids’ hairstyles. 

You really see that every little detail is managed accurately? 

It’s okay; today is your day. 

And the last thing you wouldn’t want to go wrong is for a spray-tan mishap — such as a bronze formula smeared on your dream white gown — to take your attention away from the magic of your big day.

We understand that wearing white can be intimidating, so you’ll probably want to get some fake tan (you’ve been wearing plenty of SPF, right?). As a result, we developed this special spray-tan guide just for brides at Plush tanning salon Dubai.

Plush Tanning Salon Dubai

You are getting a spray tan before your wedding, which should be a fun, carefree way to enhance your natural radiance. 

And the first step has never been easier than it is now at your favorite Plush tan salon bringing you the best legs tan and full body tan services. Where no appointment is required. VISIT AND AVAIL TODAY.

The Best Time to Get a Spray Tan Before Your Wedding

We recommend getting your spray tan two days before your wedding. There’s a reason why Wednesday and Thursday are the busiest days of the week in the spray room. 

Those are the perfect days for all brides and maids to work on their tans in preparation for Friday and Saturday weddings. Even if you have weekdays, a wedding gets you prepared 2 3 days before your Big Day.

Then you’ll have plenty of time for the spray tan to set in fully and a couple of showers to remove any bronzer and soften the Tan, so it’s picture-perfect.

This routine also keeps your new spray tan from getting in the way of your rehearsal dinner.

Healthy Tip:

Never get a spray tan or use a self-tanner on your bridal day!

Will A Spray Tan Stain My Wedding Gown?

 A common question asked by the brides frequently is that weather a spray tan stains the wedding dress or not? We have the answer.

As long as the following three conditions are met, the answer is NO.

1. Your spray tan should be done two days before your wedding.

2. You used a sulfate-free shower wash two times before your wedding date.

3. The spray tan artist is skilled and employs a high-quality spray tan solution.

Find someone who either mixes their solution and bronzer or has experience spraying clear spray tan solution when looking for a place to get your wedding spray tan.

Pay close attention to the area under your arms. You are making certain that no bronzer is left on the underside that could rub against your gown.

Shower Tip: When showering after your spray tan before your wedding, use a soft washcloth and a sulfate-free shower wash to gently (not exfoliate) cleanse your skin.

Don’t Forget Your Groom

Dear Brides, don’t forget your Groom on a day that is special for both of you.

Even if they deny it, we all know that the boys enjoy a little pampering. After all, they are frequently prone to stealing our moisturizers! 

Grooms all want to look their best on their wedding day, which has become a good reason that men tan is becoming very popular day by day. So, why not book your other half in for a massage so he can feel great and look healthy in those all-important wedding photos having the best men tan

You’d be surprised how many grooms tan for their wedding day.


We take pride in having sprayed hundreds of brides and members of their bridal parties. Our team enjoys pampering YOU as well as preparing you and your bridesmaids for the BIG DAY. We only use products made from natural and organic ingredients that are good for your skin. You have the option of using our Rapid Express Spray Tan, legs tan plus tan for men, or our Custom Signature Spray Tan.

Both spray tans will give you a great tan that will last about a week. We have several packages available for our brides; choose the best one for you and book now. All of our tans are guaranteed, and we will teach you how to keep your Tan looking great. We can’t wait to see your happy and glowing face.

Visit your nearest Plush Tanning Salon Dubai branch and get what you deserve. We are here to operate at four branches at  Motor City, Barsha Heights, Palm Jumeirah, DIFC, Dubai Silicon Osais, and Jumeirah Village Circle. So, brides, what are you waiting for? Visit and avail get tan now, NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED and get the look you have been eagerly waiting for.



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