Megasun t200 pure energy
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MegaSun T200 PureEnergy

Discover a new way to tan with our MegaSun T200 PureEnergy spray tanningmachine vertical solarium. You may conserve space without affecting your tan’s quality. You can acquire a lovely body tan with a simple and basic control panel. Our standingmachines feature the same power and quality as our P9 series, withVibraNano, colorMotion, and bodyCool technology,maintaining your tanstreak-free and healthy.

UV Tan Machine

Rediscover your love of spray tanning machine with this offerfrom Plush Tan. The teamusesonly state-of-the-art tanning equipment, including sophisticated beds thatprovide a full-body glow along with solarium to ensure your skin stays healthyand beautiful. You’ll also get a customized lotion specially designed to meet your needs and make the most of your tan.

Lightshow from the Matrix

Over 2,400 individual LEDs create stunning light movements in both shape and colour of our spray tanning machine.
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A soothing voice leads you through the solarium’s operational operations swiftly and effortlessly. Until it’s time to say goodbye, your happiness is secured.
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System of Sound

The sound system ensures a high-quality audio experience. Bluetooth allows you to listen to your music of taste.
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Use Bluetooth to link your smartphone to the solarium. Also, while sunbathing, listen to a piece of customized music of your choice.
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