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Our Tanning Machines

Dazzle everyone with your impeccable skin and feel its healthy glow by using our spray tan machines. At our luxurious facilities, Plush Tan’s spray tanning service will leave your skin hydrated and revive its radiant glow. Our very satisfying MegaSun tanning spray machine will assist you in getting a golden brown tan.

Solarium Machines

MegaSun Tower pureEnergy 5.0

The signature iconic line of MegaSun solariums. Breathtaking design working in sync with impressively effective technology. Form and functionality is at the core of the P9 series . It’s sleek elegant design holds every feature imaginable to create the perfect tanning experience. From an intelligent and intuitive control system to extra lamps to ensure that even, tan glow. Best spray tan machines.
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MegaSun T200 PureEnergy

Shining like a fine polished diamond, our MegaSun 7900 alpha solarium offers a sleek and subtle design that provides the most advanced sunbed technology for the highest quality tan. The intelliSun system allows customers to enjoy an intelligent tanning experience. The AquaCool technology in our sun beds allows your skin to cool down after each session with delicate, subtle mist sprays.
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