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P9 HybridSun: Sleek and Subtle

Designed in collaboration with Studio F.A, the MegaSun P9 HybridSun is made to fascinate, tan and more! With a Matrix Lightshow that can dazzle even those new to tanning, this sunbed sets new design standards for future innovations in sunbed technology. First launched and showcased at FIBO 2019, P9 HybridSun is the world’s first sunbed to be provided with “Porsche DNA.” Giving it that sleek and subtle design that applies to a modern audience.

Who is Studio F.A?

Responsible for Porsche Design, Studio F.A Porsche is a design agency based in Austria that specializes in and originated the Porsche Design brand. With a focus on being modern, timeless, and sleek, their work is a celebration of years of hard work and dedication to the arts.

They have their hands dipped in almost every facet of design possible, from a clothing line to the production of luxury yachts and interior spaces. Now, they’ve developed the world’s most modern-looking sunbed, an innovation not only in form but function as well

The P9 HybridSun

Combining unique designs with outstanding and effective technical performances, the hybridSun P9 captures a spirit of innovation that leaves customers captivated. A promise of first-class technology and stunning design all wrapped in one sunbed. The MegaSun P9 HybridSun, the first sunbed with Porsche DNA.

It fits well at any tanning studio or salon and features a light show matrix on the facade of the sunbed that is designed to fascinate in every way possible. It sets new design standards not rivaled by most competitors and is a guaranteed experience that remains unforgettable

High-End Performance

It’s more than just aesthetics, the high-quality performance of the sunbed can leave any customers satisfied with the results. With intense sunlight that can be controlled with ease and soothing facial lights for more sensitive areas around your face and neckline, the P9 is truly suited for an unparalleled tanning experience. The machine also boasts 4 spectral combinations in the body area and signature Beauty-Boosters which creates an even tan from head to toe.

That’s just one of the many features of this sleek sunbed, it also has an Intelligent Control Panel that lets you set comfort features before each tanning session with ease. The intelligent and adaptive control panel on each machine allows a full degree of control over aspects such as air conditioning, AquaCool, and aroma features. It also boasts an incredibly effective sound system that is wireless and cable-free, meaning you can immerse yourself in the sounds of relaxation without worry. 

With an effective wireless charging station suitable for any smartphone, is it any wonder that salons all over the world are clamoring for this high-end beauty. Both in design and function, the P9 HybridSun ticks the marks for being the sleekest, meanest, and most timeless sunbed ever designed.

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