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Get That Golden Glow: The Benefits of Tanning

Sunbathing and Tanning For That Golden Glow

As Dubai’s annual summer heat approaches, more and more people are eager to get out there and achieve a good healthy glow. Although the effects of sunbathing and tanning on the skin are the biggest targets of those who are sceptical or against it, there is significant evidence that shows sun exposure in healthy doses is not only safe but also necessary. 

In this article, we are going to discuss not only the benefits of sunbathing and tanning but also how to safely do it in order to maximise results. Knowing the right amount of time to stay in the sun is a good place to start. Moderate exposure to the sun alongside finding the right anti-inflammatory diet to supplement your tanning is a good way to lower the risk of skin cancer.

How Tanning Helps You Shine

Getting just the right amount of sunshine and Vitamin D is not only helpful in avoiding cancer, but sunbathing, and catching the rays is also helpful to a variety of our body’s systems. Getting that good morning rhythm going helps you stay active, alert and energetic throughout the day.

In fact, it is crucial in helping set up our body’s inherent day and night rhythms that help signal our body on times we should be active and times we should rest. Getting that sunshine early in the day causes our skin to produce melanin much faster in the evening which aids in getting a good night’s rest. 

More Benefits of Vitamin D

One of the best benefits of tanning whether it’s with the sun or sunless tanning is the ability to get that all-important Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin is a necessary part of disease prevention and helps stave off a laundry list of negative side effects that include mental health issues like depression or physical ones like diabetes and heart diseases.

Vitamin D truly remains an important and essential building block for our body’s defences and tanning helps provide that with studies indicating the ability of sunbeds to enable the exposure of skin as a whole, amplifying the body’s natural production of the sunshine vitamin.

Indoor Tanning and Its Benefits

While sunbathing is a good way to get all the aforementioned benefits from Vitamin D, not everyone has the ability or convenience to bask in the sun for proper amounts of time. That’s where indoor tanning and its benefits come into play. Indoor tanning machines offer similar, if not the same benefits as those of the sun all within a controlled environment.

But how exactly is it healthier or more beneficial than just taking a walk outside? For one, it’s extremely convenient to enter any sunless tanning studio and ask for an appointment. Furthermore, sunbathing is very much subject to the weather, and not every day is a good day to go out and get your tan. In contrast, you can book your appointments beforehand with your preferred sunless tanning studio meaning that regardless of the weather, you can get the shine you love.

Note: You do not need an appointment at Plush Tan Tanning Salon, Just walk in to any of our branches and get that golden glow.

Here are Three More Benefits Tanning Can Offer

  1. Promoting the Natural Production of Oil and Hormonal Balance

Sunless tanning avoids the biggest issue that sunbathing has and that is the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays which can be a big factor in further skin damage down the line. Normally our bodies are good at protecting us by producing essential oils that keep us moisturised and soft. However, the production of these oils is subject to a number of factors.

One factor is the weather. During winter, our bodies produce an inconsistent amount of oil on our skin which leads to dryness. Another factor is genetics as not everyone produces the same amount of natural moisture that our skin needs. These are all problems that are solved by the benefits of tanning. By consistently providing the skin with essential rays it regulates the hormones and balances them, making the body more consistent and protecting against skin disorders like acne or eczema.

  1. Promoting Weight Loss and Fitness

While weight loss may seem to have a bit of disconnection with the concept of sunless tanning, the science of it is simple and shows just how relevant the two topics are. It all has to do with the way UV Rays trigger the thyroid gland which is essential in increasing our body’s metabolism or the ability for the body to digest and burn through the calories of the food we eat.

Studies have shown a very big gap in the metabolism of those that sunbathe or do sunless tanning compared to those who work indoors. Adding on to this, indoor tanning can also act like a miniature sauna, burning the excess fat and maintaining a healthy weight which is especially difficult during winter when our metabolism slows down.

  1. Affordability and Access

The biggest benefit of tanning is that it can offer is its availability to anyone and everyone that wants that bronze glow. We at Plush Tan know that not everyone has easy access to beach sides or sunny areas and while Dubai definitely has a surplus of sunny spots to be in, it may still not be enough.

We also know that tanning studios nowadays have tons of costs when it comes to the products and subscriptions they offer. Let us take care of you and show you how affordable it is to get that bronze glow you want. Visit our several tanning studios all across Dubai or get in touch through our website to learn more about how we can help you get your glow on affordably.



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