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Visit Plush Tan branches on our premium locations of Motor city,  Barsha heights, DIFC, and Palm Jumeirah. Get a peek at our Premium Eyelash  Extensions with different volumes (Classic, 2D, 3D, 4D-5D, and Hollywood) , Eyelash Lamination, Eyelash Tinting, Eyelash Extension Removal, Brow Lamination, Brow Tinting, Shaping, and so much more.


Eyelash Extensions

Pamper yourself with the greatest value quality eyelash laminations available. We provide a variety of volumes to meet your needs. From essential 1D extensions to wonderfully lush Hollywood extensions, we have everything. Allow us to transform your eyes into a stunning window into your soul.
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Eyelash Lamination

With our high-quality eyelash lamination services, you may get that dazzling look. Lift your lashes, and your spirits will follow. When it comes to pampering your lashes, Plush Tan only provides the best level of services. It is critical to maintaining your lashes looking healthy.
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Eyelash Extensions Removal

With our help, you can easily remove your eyelash lamination or extension. Plush Tan provides high-quality eyelash lamination and tinting procedures at an affordable price. Please visit one of our branches and chat with one of our highly experienced staff members for more services like bed tan, men tan, legs tan, sunbeds,and spray on tan.
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Eyelash Tinting

Pamper yourself with the most outstanding value quality eyelash extensions available. We provide a variety of volumes to meet your needs. From essential 1D extensions to wonderfully lush Hollywood extensions, we have everything. Allow us to transform your eyes into a stunning window into your soul.
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Brow Lamination

With our help, you may get fuller-looking brows. Plush Tan provides affordable prices for high-quality eyebrows lamination, shaping, and tinting procedures. We want your brows to look their best at all times of the day. Please visit one of our branches and chat with one of our highly experienced staff members for further information.
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Brow Tinting and Shaping

Pamper yourself with the most outstanding value quality laminated eyebrows procedure available. We provide a variety of services like laminated brows to meet your needs.
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PMU Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner eliminates the need to apply Eyeliner with makeup. It can be done on the upper and lower lash line. Permanent Eyeliner can also frame the eyes and make eyelashes appear thicker, darker, and fuller. Get your PMU eyeliner quickly from your nearest Plush Tan branch.
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PMU Lips

Lip Blushing is the latest in semi-permanent makeup for lips. The result is a flush of color that is more evenly applied, reduced appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, and fullness to the upper and lower lips. Say goodbye to regularly re-applying lipstick throughout the day and hello to an everlasting lip blush!
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PMU Brows

The latest technique in permanent makeup, microblading, is a way to create semi-permanent brows that look natural and complete. A subtle enhancement instead of a solid line and fill, our technician uses a manual hand tool to create hair strokes that look like natural eyebrow hair.
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PMU Removal

Our PMU removal system can effectively remove tattoos and PMU ink pigments from the body. This procedure utilizes an extraction mechanism to remove tattoos and PMU pigment from the skin. With this device, you can quickly achieve permanent makeup removal at Plush Tan salon.
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Our Gallery

Plush Tan Beauty Salon Services

Eyelash Lamination - Brow Lamination

We at Plush Tan have a quick and straightforward solution for those who find that curling your eyelashes and regularly filling in your eyebrows is a bothersome task. We also provide services including Spray Tanning in Dubai, Sunbed Tanning in Dubai, and a leading Tanning Salon in Dubai; thus, these exceptional services make us one of the finest Beauty Salons in Dubai.

If your search history is filled with finding Tanning Salon Near Me, and if you also want your eyelashes and eyebrows to look longer and thicker, but you don't want to resort to a treatment that is either permanent or unpleasant, you can try our eyelash lamination and eyebrow lamination then there is no need for you to search elsewhere since Plush Tan has covered you here.

Can you even think of the possibility of being able to nourish your brow and eyelash hairs while also making them grow in thickness and length?

The lash lamination and eyebrow lamination services offered by Plush Tan are among the most in-demand treatments we provide; as a result, we can make this a reality for our clients.

Our Beauty Services

In order to better
serve our customers, we provide a wide range of services and maintain multiple locations across the country. Come to the Plush Tan sites in Motor City, Barsha Heights, DIFC, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Jumeirah Village Circle. These are some of our most prominent locations.

We're pleased to provide ladies' salon services and general salon services. Please contact us immediately if you need a tanning service or a beauty salon. You've come to the right spot if you're seeking the most outstanding beauty salon service in Dubai. The services that Plush Tan offers as a beauty salon are unparalleled. Any and all beauty salon services are available by calling or stopping by our location. We are considered one of the most premium beauty salons in Dubai.

Learn more about our Premium Eyelash Extensions, which come in a variety of volume options (Classic, 2D, 3D, 4D-5D, and Hollywood), as well as our Eye Lamination, Eyelash Tinting, Eyelash Extensions Removals, Brow Lamination, Brow Tinting, Shaping, and many other services.

What are the Benefits You Can Get With Having an Eyelash Lamination?

A lash lamination protects your natural eyelashes while lengthening, lifting, and thickening them. A brow lamination protects your natural eyebrows while thickening, enhancing, and setting them without needing a blade or needle. Both of these procedures are painless. We are also one of the famous names for Spray Tanning in Dubai. So you can get the services done with all the relaxation at one stop.

All of the treatments we provide, in their essence, have a fantastic effect, which is to say that we are one of the leading names for Sunbed Tanning in Dubai. And we can give you proficient services as the finest Beauty Salon in Dubai because we apply the gentlest and natural formulas rather than potentially hazardous chemicals.

Because HEALTHY lash growth and lifting are everyday goals, we use only organic and natural materials, and the result is that your laminated eyebrows look lovely. Our clients report that they see an improvement in the length and thickness of their eyelashes after each treatment, and the results continue to get better over the MONTHS!


Our Skin Tanning Service

Our formulas do not include parabens or alcohol; they are made with organic and organically sourced substances. Certain synthetic compounds assure superior performance and the utmost customer pleasure. Our formulations guarantee the user's safety while producing the best possible tanning results using appropriate solutions for all kinds of skin. We only use a minimal quantity of fragrance in each product to have a pleasant and unobtrusive fragrance, which our customers like.

Our tanning service is regarded as the safest choice and the most fantastic replacement for sun tanning and is appropriately done by a qualified technician. Sun tanning is the more traditional method. Plush Tan ensures that all of its technicians have received training that meets or exceeds the salon's stringent requirements and that our tans will always be performed in a manner that values client health and safety. In the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council, you may get the most advanced, responsible, safe, and professional tanning treatments at our salon Plush Tan.

We are one of the leading Beauty Salon in Dubai. Being the finest upscale tanning facility in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council, we have our top outlets. For two decades, we have evolved and expanded over locations with the mission of offering a tanning experience that is both safe and healthy.

What Makes Us Different from Our Competitors?

Lash lamination, often known as a lash lift, is a form of professional lifting for the increasingly popular look of curled lashes. We know we all want our eyelashes to look thicker and longer. It gives the appearance of having your lashes permed so that they are raised and curled. However, compared to the harsh chemicals used in eyelash lamination, we have introduced a treatment for lash lamination and far more delicate.

An eyelash lamination is a procedure that enhances the look of your lashes and makes them much more prominent. The treatment curls your lashes in a way that emulates the natural curve of your eyelashes. There is no longer a requirement for an eyelashes curl! In contrast, to lash extensions, which require affixing artificial implants to the lash line to produce fullness, a lash lamination just improves what you already have in a desirable manner. They act on your lashes in a way similar to a perm on your hair.

A lash lamination is a cosmetic treatment that reshapes your eyelashes by lifting them from their natural positions. A lash lift can produce the appearance of a more incredible curl; It has the potential to make your eyelids fuller and more attractive. If you want lash lamination or Spray Tanning in Dubai, the procedure at Plus Tan is relatively easy and uncomplicated to understand. You would be provided with all the comfort to get your job done, and you would be more than happy once it is done.

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrows lamination is a process that, similar to lash lamination, makes your eyebrow hairs appear higher and fuller. Additionally, the procedure assists in getting undesirable brow hairs to lie more naturally in their appropriate areas.

The treatment will hopefully result in brows that are shiny and unbroken over the surface. High-shine effects can give the appearance of more prominent and better-controlled brows, which is why many people with thinning brows or brows that are messy look for products with these effects. The lamination of the eyebrows was the only method that produced these effects.

After this process, you won't need to use brow gel, cut back stray brow hairs, or wear mascara again. These are all concerns that will be eliminated. Because of the efficient eyelash and eyebrows lamination technique, you can now mold your laminated eyebrows and lashes into any shape you like. Due to the efficient eyelash and brows lamination processes, you can now shape your laminated brows and lashes in any way you see fit.

The lamination layer makes sure that your brows are more prominent than they are. It makes the hair's texture richer, and at the same time, it promotes the hair's overall health! On the other hand, the Keratin solution is extraordinarily rich, and it assists in restoring the natural tensile strength of your brows.

How We do It?

It is expected that the effects of brow lamination will remain for around two months, after which maintenance will be close to nonexistent.

This treatment is exactly what you need for shaping, thickening, and filling in gaps in your brow and eyelash hair. The results of the treatment are fantastic. This laminating therapy does not include painful or invasive treatments, such as the use of needles, and it is also completely pain-free.

The eyelash extension services offered by Plush Tan are unparalleled in the market. In Dubai, we provide every type of salon service, including Spray Tanning, Sunbed Tanning, all performed by skilled workers.

The Incredible Efficiency That is Also Pocket Friendly

This method is a lot easier on the wallet than on others, such as microblading, which is one of the operations with which it competes.

We know some people may feel anxious about undergoing permanent procedures such as micro-needling, and we are here to reassure them. Our brow lamination and eyelash lamination services would be of great value to those individuals who have difficulty making decisions that include making long-term obligations.

Closing Thoughts

Having been recognized as a premier Tanning Salon in Dubai. Our services are exceptional and above what you can expect from any top-class Beauty Salon in Dubai. Over the course of almost two decades, the staff at Plush Tan has been diligently studying the most recent developments in the tanning trends to provide our customers with peace of mind that comes from realizing they will have a service that is both secure and enjoyable.

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