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Eyelash Tinting

More women are embracing the beauty and convenience of eyelash tinting, which involves the application of a semi-permanent colour to your lashes. This application is great for those who have light-colored eyelashes or very fine lashes, but anyone can use a deeper tint to enhance their natural beauty. You might combine lash treatments with an eyebrow tint or even lash extensions to make your eyes look more gorgeous.

How long does Lash Tinting take?

15 minutes is the typical amount of time required to apply eyelash tinting. After your 15 minute lash tinting appointment, your lashes will appear beautiful and lush.
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Eyelash Tinting Last?

The color will remain permanently, and the tint will not fade away as your eyelashes fall out. As the follicles of your eyelashes move out while others are replaced, your eyelashes will gradually take on a lighter shade.
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Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Yes, lash tinting is completely safe when done by a professional. “If done by a well-trained and highly experienced esthetician or hair colorist who knows what she’s doing, it’s absolutely fine,” dermatologist Jeannette Graf, MD, says.
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Mascara With Eyelash Tint?

Mascara and other eye cosmetics should be worn a minimum of 24 hours before applying. With the exception of high-hold extensions, your lash lift will decompose at lower temperature environments. After that, optimize your lash lift for continuity throughout the day.
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Eyelash Tinting

Do you want long, dark, intense eyelashes that may make your eyes seem larger and more alluring? Of course! They have the effect of making your eyes seem younger and brighter. But alas, not every person is inherently endowed with lashes rich in pigment and exquisite in appearance. Eyelash tinting is an option for women who were not born with naturally dark and picture-perfect eyelashes but would still want them. If you are living in a busy place like Dubai and want your eyelash tinting Dubai coming in our Salon Plush Tan is the fastest and easiest way to achieve darker and fuller lashes without the fuss and hassle of using mascara. Eyelash tinting, in which a semi-permanent tint is applied to your lashes to achieve the desired look, is becoming more popular among women as a result of both its aesthetic benefits and practical advantages.

Who Needs an Eyelash Tint?

This treatment works particularly well for those with light eyelashes or lashes that are incredibly delicate, but everyone may benefit from a darker tint to accentuate their natural attractiveness. You may consider getting lash treatments, eyebrow tinting, or even lash extensions to make your eyes seem more beautiful. Alternatively, you could just get lash extensions

Beauty Services provided by Plush Tan

At Plush Tan, we provide a comprehensive selection of beauty treatments, including the following:

We are all fascinated with having eyelashes that are long and dark in color. They provide a stunning appearance and draw attention to our best qualities. They improve not just our self-esteem but also our confidence. On the other hand, sadly, not all of us were born with inherently gorgeous eyelashes. Eyelash tint Dubai is an option for women who were not born with naturally long, dark, and picture-perfect lashes of their own. So if you want the best eyelash tint, you can visit us at Plush Tan to enhance your beauty.

What is Eyelash Tinting, and How is it Done?

Eyelash Tinting is a method that involves applying a natural dye that is safe and only semi-permanent to your lashes. This is done to give the appearance that your lashes are not only dark but also thicker and fuller than they are. Clementina Richardson, the renowned lash artist and inventor of New York's Envious Lashes, explains that lash tints are a "happy medium" between mascara and extensions, giving you a firmer, wider-eyed appearance for a reasonably low price and with very little maintenance. This method may provide the appearance of fuller lashes since the whole lash is colored, not just the tips. Best eyelash tint will unquestionably provide the most striking results for those with ordinarily light eyelashes. Your face will seem more defined and lifted if you take the time to groom your eyebrows and eyelashes. Your eyelashes are dyed with a specific dye during an eyelash tinting appointment, which results in you going weeks without needing to use mascara and having eyelashes that are black and thick. You shut your eyes and relax in a chair at the salon while a specialist applies a dye to your lashes. The process takes around ten minutes. The procedure is brief and doesn't involve much discomfort in general. At Plush Tan, During the eyebrow tinting procedure, our therapist will shape your eyelashes before adding a dye or color to the area of the eyelashes that they will be tinting. The color remains for 10–15 days and imparts a fuller, more natural appearing appearance to the eyelashes.

What are the Advantages of Getting your Eyelashes Tinted at Plush Tan Salon?

Your eyelashes will seem darker, fuller, and longer when you get them tinted and look more lovely. You will get out of bed every morning with eyelashes that are picture flawless. Even when you are submerged in water, the color of your lashes will not run. The method is not only very efficient but also quite affordable.Your whole face will have more definition and structure due to this. Your eyes will have an alluring and expressive appearance. You won't have to get up very early only to apply mascara to your eyelashes and make them look great.

A Team of Experienced and Trained Professionals

The eyelash tinting service at Plush Tan Salon is of the highest quality, and our pricing is among the most affordable in the industry. Because we prioritize the safety and health of our customers, we take all necessary precautions to ensure that their eyes remain unharmed during the process. We are proud to have a team of incredibly trained and experienced beauty experts committed to going above and beyond the requirements of our customers by providing them with beauty treatments that are second to none.

Why You Should Choose Us for Eyelash Tinting?

If you want your eyelashes to seem longer, thicker, fuller, and more attractive, we encourage you to visit our salon for professional eyelash tinting Dubai. During your appointment, we will provide you with a comprehensive consultation. You won't need to wear any eye makeup if you take advantage of our eyelash tint procedure since it will give the appearance of darker, fuller, and healthier eyelashes. You may rely on the expertise of our staff members to guide you in selecting the tinting shade that works best with your Skin Tone. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the eyelash tinting Dubai service we provide.


Are you interested to see your eyelashes become more profound and darker? If you have sparse and light-colored eyelashes, eyelash tinting may be a good choice for you to consider. Plush Tan is the place to go in Dubai for the most extraordinary eyelash tint Dubai. We are one of the leading eyelash lift salons; Just come to Plush Tan for eyelash tinting, we can complete your eyelash tinting in a concise amount of time. Thanks to our lash tinting Dubai, your time spent looking will be cut almost in half. Get in contact with us for any queries.