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Eyelash Lamination

We use high-quality products at the Plush Tan to offer you thick, luscious, healthy lashes. Our highly skilled team will guarantee that you receive the best care and cleanliness standards, as well as personalization, to achieve the best Eyelash Lift result possible. An eyelash lamination dubai is one of the simplest ways to change your appearance. Your eyes will look instantaneously brighter and more open after the quick, painless, and economical treatment, making you appear more youthful and awake.

After Care

Try not to wet them, and stay away from steam and moisture. The first twenty-four hours after your Lash and Brow Lamination are critical.
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Length of Time

Most people undergo a complete duration of approximately 60 minutes or longer, with most of the time spent waiting on the dye and lotion to develop.
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Does The Process Hurt

The lash lift process does not affect you in any way. It’s possible that you may feel a bit sore, or irritation if any. If this happens, tell the technician working on your lashes.
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How Long Do They Last For?

Follow those provided by your technician, and your lashes could last as long as 6 to 8 weeks or so, depending on how fast they grow.
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Eyelash Lamination

Every woman shares a common desire, and that is to have eyelashes that are long, thick, and fluffy! There is no such thing as a fully finished makeup application without a thick curled eyelash, and there is no more acceptable way to transition your appearance from day to night than with a mascara that provides your lashes with great coverage, thickness, and fullness. But if you dont have quality eyelashes, mascara would not be able to do wonders—dont worry. We have got you covered here! Explore our range of eyelash enhancement options and learn more about our top recommendations! Plush Tan is a beauty salon that specializes in semi-permanent cosmetics solutions. Our customers come to us so that we may make their lives just a little bit simpler each morning and save them a great deal of time in the process. Our artists have received training and certification in the tanning trends and eyelash lamination Dubai . In order to provide you with services of the highest quality, we recruit only the most skilled artists in the industry. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. This is why we provide comprehensive customer relationship assistance before, during, and after the process of lash lift Dubai. We are always available to respond swiftly and comprehensively to any and all of your inquiries and questions.

Where does Plush Tan Stands in The Cosmetic Industry?

We stand as a high-end beauty salon that brings you the best of the services like eyelash lamination Dubai where we attend to all of your styling and grooming-related requirements. We provide a comprehensive selection of services. PLUSH TAN has been recognized as the premier indoor tanning and sprays tan salon in Dubai for many years. Over the course of two decades, the staff at PLUSH TAN has been diligently studying the most recent developments in tanning trends and eyelash lift to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will receive a session that is both safe and pleasurable. It should come as no surprise that a lash lift may successfully offer anybody that additional kick that fulfills their image, regardless of whether they are wearing makeup or not. Even better, getting a lash lift takes very little time, does not cause any discomfort, and is an excellent option for those who do not want to commit to getting eyelash lamination in Dubai.

What is a Lash lift?

A lash lift is a kind of aesthetic treatment that involves modifying the curvature of the eyelashes in order to improve the look of the lashes on the eyelids. This more modern and advanced method has superseded the traditional lash perm. To achieve a more natural-looking lift, the procedure entails elevating the eyelashes from their bases with the use of high-quality chemical treatments and other eye-safe instruments. Its results may be seen immediately, and very little to no maintenance is required.

What are the Advantages of having your Lash Lift?

Improves the appearance of the eyelashes in a natural way.

Eyelash lift do not need harsh chemicals since they interact with organic hair to create a more youthful appearance. Various silicone pads are utilized as a shield for the eyelids and a template for the lift, giving each client a unique appearance. However, it's essential to remember that the thickness of your lashes will still determine the outcomes, so keep that in mind. If you wear sunglasses, don't forget to bring them to the meeting so the staff can use them as a standard for determining the degree to which your lashes should be curled.

Very Minimal Maintenance is Required after Eyelash Lamination

One of the many advantages of eyelash lamination Dubai is that they need very little aftercare on the patient's part. You should refrain from taking hot showers, sunbathing, and rinsing your face with hot water for a few days following your treatment. This is because these activities can potentially reduce the effectiveness of the substances used for the perm. When removing mascara, choosing a makeup cleanser that does not include oil is essential.

Lash Lift is done Smoothly and Quickly.

The time required for a lash lift operation is typically about half an hour. This includes the cleaning that occurs before the eyelash lift procedure, as well as the trimming process itself. If you use contacts, you should take them out now so that you don't irritate your eyes. It is also advised that you do not use eye cosmetics before the procedure in order to provide your lash specialist with a clean base from which to work.

Instant and Amazing Outcomes.

Suppose you are looking for the most effective eyelash lift Dubai method. In that case, you should be satisfied that Plush Tan provides Instant and Amazing Outcomes after completing the lash lift. You have complete control over how subtle or dramatic the effect will be, and the procedure only takes a short time. In addition, the benefits are not only felt immediately, but they last for a considerable time after that. The lift may last up to six weeks, or even longer, depending on the condition of your lashes and how well you take care of them following the procedure.

Huge Time-Saver.

If you are tired of searching lash lift near me and want to try someone who can take care of your lash lift, Plush Tan is your savior. Because your eyelashes will be raised instantaneously, you won't have to waste your valuable time manually curling them in the mornings or other times throughout the day.

Concluding Thoughts

Because the lash lift done at Plush Tan is so effective, you will not have to worry about your eyelashes for many weeks after getting it done. On top of that, if you have a lash lift together with a lash tint, you may be able to cut down on the amount of mascara you use since a lash lift can significantly lengthen and give volume to the eyelashes. This effect is accentuated when the lash tint is used. With a lash lift, you may have lovely lashes without the inconvenience of applying mascara. Make sure you arrange a lash lift treatment with an experienced beauty professional like us at Plush Tan to avoid any discomfort or irritation associated with the procedure.