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Eyelash Extension Removal

Get your eyelash extension removal from our professional and friendly staff members, Getting eyelash extension removal is not an easy task and it takes a pro to take them our pain free. Plush Tan provides high-quality Eyelash Extension Removal, Eyelash Lamination procedure at reasonable price in Dubai.

Be Gentle and Patient

You should be certain to avoid tugging on your natural eyelashes while new extensions are setting in or during your regular grooming or makeup routine.
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Eyelash Extensions at Home?

The safest way to remove lash extensions is to have them removed by a professional. At Plush Tan we have professional staff who will remove them with ease.
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Loosen Your Lash Extensions

Don’t pick, pluck, rub, or pull at your eyelash extensions even if you’re taking a shower. Otherwise, you risk damaging your natural eyelashes, as well as your eyes.
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Oil-Based Cleanser

To remove any remaining lash extensions, consider introducing oil to your daily routine as a first step in your double cleanse.
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Eyelash Extension Removal

The trend of getting your eyelash extensions seems to have caught on like wildfire in the cosmetic industry. Lash extensions may provide anybody the immediate pleasure of longer, thicker eyelashes, which means the days of having to apply a fresh pair of fake eyelashes every day are now a thing of the past. The appearance of thicker eyelashes is usually enough to persuade a person to spend their hard-earned bucks treating this kind. However, because of our hectic schedules and our ever-expanding list of duties, we aren't always able to take the time to have our lash extensions retouched or removed. Therefore when we think of lash extension, we should also consider the place for eyelash extension removal near me.

Get your Eyelash Extension Removal at Plush Tan

Long, heavy extensions may cause harm to your natural lashes if they are placed and removed improperly! Get your eyelash extensions removed in a manner that does not damage your natural lashes or your eyes in general. It is best to have a trained expert like Plush Tan do the procedure. The majority of the time, extensions are affixed to the natural hair by using glue of surgical grade, which is not something that should be tinkered with by someone with no experience. Therefore, you should see an expert if they are not coming off. In addition, you can introduce germs into your eyes, which a lash artist should be able to prevent with relative ease. Therefore, you should hold off seeing an eyelash extension removal specialist at Plush Tan. Eyelash extension removal is not a simple process; it needs a trained expert to do it comfortably for the client. Our team is highly trained and pleasant, and we look forward to removing your eyelash extensions. If your browser is filled with searching eyelash extension deals near me of the highest possible quality. In Dubai, we offer affordable eyelash removal deals and eyelash extension deals.

What is the Process of Eyelash Removal?

Lash extensions are an excellent choice when it comes to getting longer, fuller, darker, and more seductive lashes over the long term. Eyelash extensions that are semi-permanent stay in place for many weeks, and you don't even need to use any products to make them seem natural. You can make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller, even if they are naturally thin and short. This will make your eyelids look more expressive. But if you want to remove your eyelash extension, you should also look for the finest choices. Removing false eyelashes is the service known as "eyelash removal." Eyelashes are essential to your eyes because they shield them from debris and make you seem more attractive. Eyelash extension removal is a highly complex process since fake eyelashes adhere to your eyes with the assistance of adhesive. Thus the removal of extension eyelashes requires a lot of precision. This should not be attempted at home since there is a risk of significant damage to the person doing it.

Plush Tan Providing the Best Eyelash Extension Removal Service

We are a leading brow, lash, semi-permanent makeup, and face studio that expertly blends artistic expression seamlessly with aesthetic appeal. As industry leaders, we are proud to provide unique services that are culled from the most cutting-edge beauty technologies from across the globe and adapted for a personalized strategy. Our team of professionals comes from a broad range of different places and experiences, which allows them to provide unparalleled insight and expertise. We take great satisfaction in having some of the business's most advanced clinical and technical talents.

What Kinds of Services Do We Provide?

We will be pleased to assist you in getting eyelash extensions, whether you want a half set, a complete set, or any other type of extensions. In addition, we provide lash lifts and tinting for eyebrows, as well as refilling and removals of eyelash extensions. If you've never had your eyelashes lifted or extended before, you're in for a pleasant surprise regarding how much they improve the appearance of your face. It is the equivalent of waking up with your makeup already applied. Similarly, tinting your eyebrows may give your whole face a more youthful appearance. If you have traditional lashes and are interested in upgrading them, Dubai's number one salon Plush Tan would be pleased to provide you with the eyelashes of your fantasies.

Why do you Need the Removal of your Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions have the ability to quickly revolutionize your whole beauty routine by providing you with a glamorous look that requires zero effort and lasts for weeks without you having to apply false eyelashes or mascara regularly. However, if you fast-forward approximately a month later, those flapping lashes may not seem as professional as when you first walked out of the salon after getting them done. As time passes, your eyelash extensions will likely shed, leaving you with a few obstinate stragglers. Dont worry. Here is the place where Plush Tan enters. If you search for eyelash extension removal near me, you will find us at the top of the search page.

When Should You Remove your Eyelash Extensions?

With passing time, fluttering eyelash extensions need fill-up; therefore, at this point, you may choose whether or not to have a fill-in at the salon or to let your natural lashes breathe for a while. If the latter is the case, we are here to provide a hand. We have some fantastic tried-and-true methods for removing eyelash extensions that industry professionals have authorized. We will remove your lashes without causing any harm to your natural lashes. We guarantee that it is feasible! Due to the fragility of the eyelashes, eyelash extensions should never be removed by anybody other than a trained specialist. If you no longer desire to maintain the appearance of your eyelash extensions with refills, it is an appropriate time to get them removed.

Why Choose Us?

To provide outstanding treatments for your brows and lashes, our Therapists are highly educated, pleasant, and enthusiastic about their work. The "ideal arch" that frames your face is achieved by our Specialists using a one-of-a-kind mix of threading and waxing techniques. These treatments consist of a non-painful procedure. Our professionals use all of the contemporary methods to remove your eyelash extensions. Our salon Plush Tan employs trained professionals who remove eyelashes by approved procedures. Plush Tan provides its clients with the most delicate brow shaping, brow and lash tinting, and lash extension services utilizing cosmetic products that have won several awards.