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Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a technique for creating voluminous, thick, feathery brows that are sculpted while still appearing natural. The procedure aims to straighten brow hairs and give them a fuller, more elevated appearance. Because the results are so accurate, it’s being praised as the needle-free alternative to microblading. Plush Tan offers brow lamination services at affordable prices as well as other beauty services.

Brow Lamination Process

Brow lamination is a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time.
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Brow lamination can correct several issues you might have with your eyes, including: Thinning hair that may occur with age, A lack of shape or unevenness and so on.
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Lasting Duration

One of the greatest downsides of eyebrow lamination is that the effects only last a short while. To maintain your new brows, you’ll need to utilize the same process every couple of months, At Plush Tan we provide it all.
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Brow Micro Shading

A similar procedure to microblading, this procedure supplies your hair with pigment through dots called microshading. The results of microshading will vanish after a couple of months, so you have to repeat this procedure.
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Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination gives instant, painless and drastic change to how you look. Placed right above your eyes, eyebrows are a prominent feature on your face that gets noticed. Rounded, arched, straight, upward, or S-shaped, the fuller, more defined eyebrows enhance your looks manifold. All you need is an expert to do the job right for you. You might not want to spend precious minutes shaping your eyebrows every morning. When done correctly, laminated brows appear thick, shaped, and fuller. However, if you choose the wrong service provider, your brow hair may curl, dry, damage, or you may experience an allergic reaction. Plush Tan eyebrow lamination offers a reliable facility, giving your brows a perfect look and taking care of your natural brow hair. People opt to laminate eyebrows for a perfect look rather than spoiling their money and natural brow hairs with low-quality products. Things are totally different with Plush Tan. You don’t need to worry about wasting your money or getting damage of any sort. The good news is we offer eyebrow lamination in Dubai in some of the most reliable beauty salons.

What Is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination, also known as eyebrow perming, is a reversible (say temporary), non-invasive, painless cosmetic treatment as it doesn’t involve any invasive procedure. With proper aftercare and necessary precautions 24-48 hours past treatment, laminated brows typically last 3 to 4 weeks. With appropriate maintenance care and depending on personal growth, the treatment may last up to eight weeks. Re-laminating and repeating treatment every six weeks extend the duration your eyebrows will retain the perfect fuller look. It is worth noticing that, unlike other treatments, you don’t need professional help to remove eyebrow lamination; instead, it fades on its own after a certain period, returning your natural eyebrows.

What Is The Process For Eyebrow Lamination?

Your natural eyebrows can be lifted and shaped using the eyebrow lamination technique, a safe, non-invasive process that reshapes your brows to give a bushy, fuller, and well-defined appearance. If you want to laminate eyebrows, you need to follow its complete steps. The process starts with a consultation session, where you and your specialist decide on the perfect brow shape you want to achieve with the treatment. Your specialist may use a brow map to show the look you have chosen to achieve. The later steps involve eyebrow cleansing, then following it with brow fixing, styling, setting, and nourishing using our keratin-infused brow serum. Each phase has a different effect on eyebrow hair, breaking the bonds in the hair and making it easier to manipulate and style. Each step lasts for a predetermined period depending on hair conditions. If preferred, you may choose to add a tint to your eyebrows during eyebrow lamination to enhance their look or leave them as they are. After the treatment process, all chemicals are cleaned from the brows and brushed to the desired position.

Where To Find Service For Eyebrow Lamination Near Me?

We believe you are actively searching for eyebrow lamination near me. Your search end right here. Plush Tan must be your top choice if you want professional services without demanding too much time or money. People are getting Eyebrow laminating. The trend is in the air. Plush Tan offers them a facility to laminate eyebrows from professional specialists using high-quality products, so there is no damage to their natural eyebrow hair after treatment. We also provide a consultation prior to treatment so they can decide on their desired eyebrow eyebrow shape or tint.

What Changes Can You Experience In Your Appearance With Eyebrow Lamination At Plush Tan?

Suppose you feel unconfident about your eyebrows and spend time filling in the gaps using eyebrow pencils yet fail to achieve a natural look. In that case, things will change for good with our services of eyebrow lamination in Dubai. Your brows will look naturally fuller and thicker, and with us, you’ll never have to search eyebrow lamination near me again. Our eyebrow lamination facility is for everyone wanting laminated brows. Your eyebrows will seem darker, fuller, and perfectly shaped without using eyebrow pencils, mascara, or other cosmetics. You don’t need to re-laminate your eyebrows before six weeks. Eyebrows lamination supports your daily activities. It means you can enjoy washing your face, taking a shower, enjoying beach and pool parties, or doing anything without disturbing your laminated brows. At Plush Tan, all our professionals are extensively trained to perform eyebrow lamination procedures. They have profound knowledge of hair texture and apply the right treatment chemicals for the appropriate time, so your eyebrows get the perfect result without being damaged. We bring you a safe and painless procedure for achieving beautiful eyebrows. There is no need for needles or cuts to fill the eyebrows. The cosmetic products are safe, and we perform a patch test to rule out any allergic reactions before beginning the procedure. So, the procedure results in perfectly shaped brows that last for weeks!

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Dream Eyebrow Lamination Near me?

Here are some of the benefits of getting eyebrow lamination in Dubai from Plush Tan.


At Plush Tan, a skin patch test before starting the procedure eliminates the risk of allergies or side reactions. Cosmetic surgeons state that eyebrow lamination is a completely safe procedure.


The process is similar to hair perming or mani-pedi at a saloon requiring the application of one product after the other and no need for cuts or needles. It doesn’t cause discomfort to anyone.


Laminated brows give a perfect shape and volume for weeks. No need to worry about shaping and filling your eyebrows daily with pencils.

Time- saving

Eyebrow lamination is a quick treatment requiring no more than 60 minutes.


Unlike other eyebrow shaping procedures that need specialist help or procedures, it fades away on its own. With its exquisite services and calming atmosphere, Plush Tan gains the attention of everyone in and around Dubai. Along with eyebrow lamination, we offer many other facilities for hair, nails, and eyelashes that you may require for your beauty needs. Our customers always revisit us due to our competent services, friendly staff, and vibrant atmosphere.


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