1400 ergoline
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Ergoline Prestige 1200/1400

Solarium sunbedsof the future are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly without losing tan quality. TheErgoline Prestige 1200/1400 offers high-quality tans with an emphasis on Eco-Technology andinnovative performance features that enhance the tan’s colour and richness.There’s something for everyone looking for the most delicatespray tan machine near me, from a creative and simple control system toextra lightsto produce an even tan glow.

UV Tan Machine

Plush Tan is the best tanning salon for your golden glow. Come in for our solarium, bed tanning, and full-body tan. You are looking for an excellent tanning salon in town. Plush tan is the best Sunbeds Tan Salon. You can get the tan you have always wanted with our fantastic staff. Our experienced tanning professionals will help you select the best tanning package to fit your individual needs at our sunbeds tan salon

Tan X-tra

Modern high-pressure systems provide even and intense tanning in the shoulder region. This advancement is now accessible in all existing megaSun solariums, ensuring the best possible outcome.
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HyperRed BeautyBooster

We’ve increased the efficiency of our Beauty Booster by 16 percent thanks to a new chipset and a better lens. In addition to improved performance, we improved the lighting image by employing unique diffusing lenses.
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Use Bluetooth to link your smartphone to the solarium. Also, while sunbathing, listen to a piece of customized music of your choice.
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A soothing voice leads you through the solarium’s operational operations swiftly and effortlessly. Until it’s time to say goodbye, your happiness is secured.
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