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Difference Between a Lay-Down and Stand-Up Tanning Bed?


When you walk into a high-end tanning salon, you may be asked, “Would you prefer a stand-up tanning bed or a lay-down tanning bed?” If you’ve never been given this option before, you might be unsure which is the best option.

For the most part, it’s a matter of personal preference. Both types of tanning beds will give you a beautiful, natural-looking tan, but your experience will be different.

This breakdown will assist you in making the best decision for you:

Selecting a Lay-Down Tanning Bed

  • You can rest and relax while receiving your desired tan in a lay-down tanning bed. This is a more typical bed that most people expect to see when they visit a tanning salon. For many people, this is the sole opportunity during the day to close their eyes and allow their minds to roam. It’s a therapeutic experience in many respects, and it can be incredibly soothing beneath the warm lights.
  • Sessions in the lay-down tanning bed can last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. In these beds, the lights are usually not as bright. The longer-lasting sessions are another advantage that many individuals like while utilising a lie-down tanning bed. This enhances the relaxation of the tanning experience and provides for additional rest time. While the lights are not as bright, people who choose this tanning bed option will still get a great tan.
  • Pressure points exist in lay-down tanning beds, which might affect the final appearance of the tan. One disadvantage of choosing a lie-down tanning bed is that pressure points are formed when you are lying on the bed. This hinders UV rays from being effectively absorbed by the skin, which might result in minor creases in the tan. Those deciding between the two types of tanning beds should think about this before making a final decision.

Selecting a Stand-Up Tanning Bed

  • You must stand for the duration of the session in a stand-up tanning bed. The stand-up tanning bed, in comparison to the lay-down tanning bed, can feel more like work than a nice afternoon at the salon. Those who are used to a more relaxing experience may not love the stand-up tanning bed as much as the lie-down tanning bed.
  • Since the lighting on a stand-up bed is brighter, tanning periods can be cut short. The majority of the last 10 to 15 minutes. This is advantageous for folks who want to stand still during their tanning session. Because of the shorter sessions, stand-up tanning beds have become a popular choice for individuals looking for a quick tan. On a lunch break or on the way home from work, a stand-up tanning session is simple to squeeze in.
  • Many people claim that utilising a stand-up bed gives them a more even tan. There are no pressure points, and all exposed skin is exposed to UV rays. When a person utilises a stand-up tanning bed, there are very few crease lines or pressure point markings, which has contributed to an increase in the number of people choosing this choice.


Everyone who visits a tanning salon near me has various objectives. Some people want to bronze up in preparation for a tropical holiday, while others want to have a nice tan all year. Regardless of your personal tanning goals, it’s critical that you visit a tanning salon that will work with you to help you get the look you desire.

Plush Tan offers personalised customer service and care to all of its clientele. We work with you to find the tanning bed that will allow you to relax and stay comfortable while getting a great tan. In addition, we offer suggestions for the best skin care products to help you achieve a better, longer-lasting tan.

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