Brow tinting

Brow Tinting

Pamper yourself with the most outstanding value quality laminated

eyebrows procedure available. Get your brow tinting & shaping from the

experts at their fields. Our beauty salon has everything from tan beds to

eyebrow lamination, eyelash extension and many more. At Plush Tan,

We provide a variety of services like laminated brows to meet your needs.

Is It Safe?

Technically, yes, but it really depends on what dye is used. We use high quality products and our staff is professionally trained.


To get the most out of your captivating brow color, you only need to refresh your eyebrow tint every four weeks at The Lash Lounge. To ensure your lasting aesthetic, most of our clients come in once a month to have a fresh look right along with their brow tint.

Shower or Wash

A tinting treatment usually does not cause the brows to wet; however, you should refrain from washing them for at least 12 hours and refrain from excessive touching or rubbing for 24 hours to reduce irritation.


We get it, firmly brushing your freshly shaped eyebrows with a spoolie brush can be very enjoyable, but be aware. Overbrushing your eyebrows can lead to it to darken prematurely, which may lead to them falling out quicker than you should.