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Brow Tinting

Pamper yourself with the most outstanding value quality laminated eyebrows procedure available. Get your brow tinting & shaping from the experts at their fields. Our beauty salon has everything from tan beds to eyebrow lamination, eyelash extension and many more. At Plush Tan, We provide a variety of services like laminated brows to meet your needs.

Is It Safe?

Technically, yes, but it really depends on what dye is used. We usehigh quality products and our staff is professionally trained.
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To get the most out of your captivating brow color, you only need to refresh your eyebrow tint every four weeks at The Lash Lounge. To ensure your lasting aesthetic, most of our clients come in once a month to have a fresh look right along with their brow tint.
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Shower or Wash

A tinting treatment usually does not cause the brows to wet; however, you should refrain from washing them for at least 12 hours and refrain from excessive touching or rubbing for 24 hours to reduce irritation.
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We get it, firmly brushing your freshly shaped eyebrows with a spoolie brush can be very enjoyable, but be aware. Overbrushing your eyebrows can lead to it to darken prematurely, which may lead to them falling out quicker than you should.
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Brow Tint + Shaping

Eyebrow shapes, brow tinting, or the trends of many other brow-enhancing techniques are soaring in the beauty industry. Many might join the bandwagon for a dramatic look, and enhanced shape everyone falls for. Others may get it to give their eyebrows a neat and fuller look. Whatever the reason, shaped and tinted eyebrows lift up the facial features, making them attractive and lovelier. Eyebrow shapes and eyebrow tint must go along with facial features, bone structure, and hair color. A slight mistake while shaping the eyebrows or brow tinting, one thing is out of the line, and your whole appearance gets affected. And there are no quick fixes to return the damage. Professional specialists at Plush Tan can help you get the perfect arch in a tint that marks your style statement. The stylists know what shape will fit your features and what tint would suit your outlook the most. Only a few of the many eyebrow tint salons are updated with the latest procedures and use high-end cosmetics to ensure the safety of their clients. Considering the severity of the situation, it calls for searching for the best eyebrow tinting salon where eyebrow shaping and other related services are also available.Plush Tan is a leading salon in Dubai offering services using high-quality products and from trained specialists with vast experience in providing beauty services. If the costing is your issue, don’t worry, Plush Tan takes care of it. You won’t regret spending a dime more on the most important part of your face.

What Is Brow Tint?

As the name indicates, brow tinting refers to altering the natural color of eyebrow hairs and dyeing them with the color of your choice. The process includes using a chemical to dye the hair. The most common colors for brow tinting are black, dark brown, and espresso, as dark colors make eyebrows prominent, thicker, and gorgeous. One must note that the eyebrow color corresponding with the hair color gives a subtle and more natural look. The most common method to add tint to brows is using an eyebrow pencil. This method is temporary, and color fades away after washing the face with water. However, it is easy, and one can do it at home without going to eyebrow tint saloons. But, at saloons, you can get the best eyebrow tinting services to get your eyebrows dyed with colors. The process takes about 15-20 minutes, and the color stays up to 4-6 weeks. You can get brow tint separately or with eyebrow lamination, as per your preference The eyebrow tint usually fades on its own at about 6 weeks. The rate may vary depending on aftercare, hair texture, and maintenance care, that is, beauty products you may be using. If you want to retain the tint in your eyebrows for longer, you must refresh the process every 4 weeks.

What Are Eyebrow Shapes?

First, we must know the purpose of eyebrows. The purpose of these hairs is simple. They protect debris, sweat, or water from falling into the eyes. Secondly, they are strong communicators of facial expressions. Observe people around you. You’ll notice that hair above their eyes grows in different shapes, from the eyes’ margins to the brow ridges. The most common shapes are straight, round, or curved. Some people have arches too. Naturally, eyebrows grow in a thick line, with some scattered hair around them. In the beauty industry, manipulating eyebrow shapes significantly enhances facial features' beauty. Eyebrow reshaping refers to removing extra hair growth and giving eyebrows a clear shape. This changes the face’s look, brightens it, and enhances the eyes’ beauty. Beauty salons use various ways to shape eyebrows, including plucking, threading, waxing, and trimming. However, depending on your hair growth, you’ll have to repeat the procedure every 10-15 days. You can also shape your eyebrows by micro blading for up to 2 years or obtain a permanent eyebrow shape by laser.

Who Needs Brow Tinting Or Eyebrow Shape?

Brow tinting works for people with light-colored eyebrow hair or with grey hair in their eyebrows. It helps them to enhance the shade with a darker color and makes them look more visible. Sometimes, people with light growth on their eyebrows like to tint them with a darker color, making them look fuller. Eyebrow shaping is the most common beauty salon service. Nearly everyone shapes their eyebrows to boost their beauty. The technique dates back to prehistoric times and is still in use around the globe.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Brow Tint And Shaping At Plush Tan?

Tinting and shaping your brows will make them look fuller, prominent, and have a defined shape. It will remarkably multiply your facial feature’s beauty, make your eyes look bigger, and make you more attractive. And save you from the daily hassle of shaping your eyebrows with a pencil and keep worrying about it all day. Plush Tan salon is one of the best eyebrow tinting and shaping salon in Dubai, offering amazing services. With them, you’ll get professional services without causing any damage to your brow hair. The services are efficient and cost-effective. You don’t need to worry about anything while enjoying flawless picture-perfect brows every day. The method allows you to carry out any daily activity like washing your face, taking a shower, submerging in water, and sleeping without making you worried about losing your eyebrow tint. The shape remains unaffected too. Isn’t it amazing? Your face retains its attractive look no matter what you are doing. At Plush Tan, you book an appointment priorly to save your time or get services upon visiting. Our professionals are always ready to give you consultation and perform eyebrow shaping and brow tinting. We can complete the process efficiently and effectively in a concise amount of time.

What Services Are Available At Plush Tan?

Plush Tan offers many other beauty services, including eyebrow laminationeyelash extension, eyelash tinting, eyebrow grooming, and many other so you get a wide variety of services under one roof. You can select from the variety of beauty services at your ease.