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Before And After Spray Tanning


The spray tan is the best option to get a perfectly tanned and glowing body. You can go to a salon to carry out this process professionally. Many people also use the self-tanners to get tanning which is easier and cheaper but the basic experience is necessary to get a perfect tan. Using spray tanning is better than damaging your skin with the harmful radiation of the sun or using other methods. This process went all well if carried out by an experienced person and taken care of perfectly. 

Bad spray tan stories are not a lie. The whole process could get messed up in case of any mishandling. Here, are some tips to save your body from the adverse effects of a spray tan. You must take care of your body before and after you get tan.

Tips To Follow Before and After Spray Tanning

There are a few things that must be avoided right before and after getting a body tan spray to maintain the tan on your body for a longer period. you must follow the following tips to get a perfect tan.

  • Do prep your skin before a spray tanning

In most of the tanning solutions used in tan salons, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the important ingredient. It develops its color after reacting with keratin which is a protein in your skin cells. It is important to get rid of all the dead skin cells on your body to get an even tan. 

The best method to rub away the dead skin cells is exfoliating. Professionals recommend exfoliating your skin approximately 9 hours before you get tanning. The proper exfoliation will result in your body spray tan lasting longer.

Many kinds of exfoliators are easily available in the market. It ranges from being cheap to expensive. The only thing you need in your exfoliator is that it must be oil-free as oil is a big no for fake tans. Choose any gentle scrub and rub off the dead skin cells gently. Use moisturizer to hydrate your skin after tanning.

  • Shave your body before a body spray tan

Never shave your body right you get tanning as it will cause your tan to be removed. Professionals suggest shaving the body at least 24 hours before using a spray tan. Use a new and sharp razor for shaving. It will help in the even distribution of spray tan on your body.

After shaving your body, take a bath with cold water. It seems to be relaxing to have a warm bath but warm water opens up the pores on the body. The cold water will close the pores and prevent the spray tan from getting into them. The spray tan in these pores will appear as brown dots giving an unpleasant look to your body.

  • Get your manicure and pedicure before a spray tanning

The main step in both manicure and pedicure is the soaking of the fingers in water and the use of a nail polish remover. Both these things can fade the color of the spray tan before the right time. Avoid going for a manicure and pedicure session after getting the body spray tan. 

Plan these sessions before getting tan but if there is a dire need of getting a manicure and pedicure session after a spray tan, ask your nail artist to skip the step of soaking fingers and use the creams on the tails.

  • What to wear to a spray tan?

Your spray tan will need some time to set evenly after being applied. Choose your get-up to a spray tan wisely. Wear dark-colored, loose clothes for these sessions in a tan salon. Tight clothes can rub away the spray tan leaving uneven patches on your body.

Avoid using any kind of jewelry in these sessions. There is a chance of imprinting the design of jewelry on the body after a spray tan gives you the unwanted tan lines. Skip your makeup routines, perfumes, deodorant, and even lotion before going to the salon. It will prevent the adherence of the spray tan to your body. The spray tan will be perfect even on a clean and clear body.

  • Get a perfect tan for your body

The instructor in the salon will give you many instructions for getting an even tan on your body. Listen to them carefully. The instructions can vary according to the method you have chosen to get tanning. You may be asked to position yourself for a flawless application of spray tan.

Follow them even when there is no one to guide you in the booth during getting a normal spray tan session. Choose the shade for a spray tan according to your body tone. Not every shade will work for both pale and darker skin tones. Getting an unrealistic spray tan will leave you with something that you would never want.

If you don’t know about your perfect tanning shade, choose a lighter one. The tan develops darker with time and you will observe a pleasant difference. Never choose a shade right before any major event as any mishap can ruin your special day. Go for a test session a few weeks before the major event to find a perfect tan.

  • How to remove a spray tan?

A person may want to remove the spray tan in case of any bad experience or simply want a change. This question is asked by various people if it is possible to remove a spray tan? This is somehow possible. The best method is exfoliation. You can have an exfoliating mitt on hand that will help you to remove the spray tan from your body.

It is not a single-step method to remove the spray tan. It will take time for removing the body spray tan completely. Exfoliating too much can also damage your skin. So, be gentle, no matter how much you want to remove that tan.


Getting a spray tan seems to be easy but it requires special care to your body before and after the spray tan. The above tips must be followed if you want to get an evenly tanned body. The proper exfoliation is necessary before going to a tan salon. Follow the instructions of our experienced workers at a salon for a perfect experience.



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